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  1. 1030018

    is there a way to edit the HDL ?

    Thx Jack, ill try to go with that option ^^
  2. 1030018

    is there a way to edit the HDL ?

    thats the only one, need to replace "Inst[0].RAM_Word" with "Word0" thanks for reply
  3. Im new in the forum, but ive been learning about papilio from different sources, and i found that its possible to take the HDL code generated in papilio "prog_mem_init.VHD" and use it to program a random FPGA, say program the digilent's atlys board using ISE and adept, but ive realized the code generated in papilio doesnt completly match the one needed for ISE papilio mem code: "constant PM_Inst_RAM_Inst[0].RAM_Word_INIT_00 : bit_vector(0 to 255) :=..." ISE mem code: "constant PM_Inst_RAM_Word0_INIT_00 : bit_vector(0 to 255) := ..." Ive been doing this with "copy&pase" just replacing the part needed of the string, but takes some time that way. so im wondering if its possible to edit the source code in papilio to automatically generate the HDL code needed for ISE. Im trying this way as i already have the altys board, and want to make this to get a "friendly" way to program different FPGA boards. Greetings.