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    ZPUino Info

    Hello, I've gotten the virtual machine to run, and find it very difficut to find the fpga tools. Jacks video says ~' it automatically loads FireFox then starts Zpuino' ( paraphrase). Well it did start Firefox and stopped because the web page needs flash ( at least there was something wrong..., Zpuino didnt appear at all, so i went after the obvious intitial errs). After getting Flash up, the web page was ok, so i rebooted the VM and still no Zpuino. I can search thru and locate the bugger, but do people really open a terminal and exec the command that way? is there really no desktop or menu item? It looks like a great tool, but who can tell? Im running Ubuntu 10.04 and the VM runs fine ( used YAST t get sound to run, that was informative on the diffs between Yast & Apt!) ( also was not obvious where the startup scripts were ) Betcha something simple , eh? thx tom3p