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  1. a427


    but jack, were'nt we supposed to received injection-molded cases, and not just weak laser-cut layers ? I thought I had seen this during the kickstarter campaign..
  2. a427


    Hello Jack I also received my DUO case, but one of the layer is also broken :-( I'm also quite disappointed..
  3. a427

    Bitcoin Mining on the Papilio One 500k

    Arf I got it. The problem seems to be due to the BTC mining pool having removed the "getwork protocol" support : from mining.bitcoin.cz: 08.07.2013 Getwork protocol support ended. Please be sure your miners support Stratum protocol. You can still use your old getwork miners with Stratum proxy installed on your mining rig. => the solution is to use their "stratum proxy" : http://mining.bitcoin.cz/mining-proxy-howto => there, the papilio seems to do some work.. (but I should maybe try to make the 7seg work to get some debug/stats..) especially I'd like to get an idea of papilio 500k MH/s figures.. (apparently my laptop GPU gives 3.7 MH/s) thanks for your great work Jack ;-) (no I don't plan to get rich with my 500k, was just to play a bit with BTC mining..)
  4. a427

    Bitcoin Mining on the Papilio One 500k

    Hi Jack, I also gave a try to your xilinx-serial-miner papilio 500k port, thanks for your work ! But as haxtormoogle, I also face the "RPC getwork error", which would mean the PC and/or papilio is not able to get some work to do, which would mean no actual BTC mining occurs ? thanks for your help..
  5. a427

    Using an updated Arduino IDE

    I too was able to succesfully test the blink sketch Thanks jack ! However i didnt test building my own custom as zwabbit, nor Could i build and test mozzi I will be busy these days as i wait for my second baby born So maybe someone can beat me to it Thanks again jack
  6. a427

    Using an updated Arduino IDE

    Well, at least for the Mozzi library I mentioned about, the ide 1.0 or later is needed to build it I tried compiling mozzi lib with arduino 0018, and the build fails with errors..
  7. a427

    Using an updated Arduino IDE

    Excellent ! I second the request from zwabbit : an updated version of the arduino IDE for papilio would be very welcome ! I just had the need yesterday, to test the excellent Mozzi sound synthesis package : http://sensorium.github.com/Mozzi/ Alas, the sketch only builds with arduino IDE >= 1.0... :-( It would rock to play some Mozzi sounds right on the papilio (I have a Papilio One 500k in my case)