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    Problem using custom build

    I had the same problem. So I tried to run the most recent Xilinx data2mem on commandline and it was having trouble locating some dll files (One was in the VC90.CRT directory, one was further away). after looking around the xilinx directories, I found them and copied them into the same directory as data2mem. As soon as data2mem worked, whenever data2mem would fail, I would copy my own data2mem (with all of the dll's it needed) into the directory and run data2mem, and then upload the bit file to the board. It worked. To make my life less complicated, I replaced the data2mem in the Arduino-Papilio IDE directory and it worked great. Funny side effect is that now it didn't work with anything but custom boards because now the bmm files for the Papilio-500k is incompatible with my new data2mem. So the way to fix that is to replace each of the old bmm files with ones that you generate yourself. Hope that helps someone. -Neil