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    Prototype: LogiStart MegaWing

    I've been using Logicstart with "FPGA Prototyping by Verilog Examples" and with many simple projects on the web. Adjusting the constraints is all I've had to do to adapt. The only thing I'll miss is some kind of RAM for learning projects involving memory controllers. Maybe I can get by with building the RAM and the controller in the FPGA just for the learning. In brief, thumbs up for Logicstart and Papilio. They're great.
  2. johnj

    8 digit frequency counter

    The ham radio guy in me thinks this is great! I think you're only a handful of components and some simple math away from an LC meter.
  3. johnj

    Prototype: LogiStart MegaWing

    My order is in! I've been getting by with a breadboard and a pile of components, but this will make following the book easier.
  4. johnj

    Prototype: LogiStart MegaWing

    Sadness grips my heart. I tried to buy one of these LogicStart boards from the gadget factory store and I got the message that they're out of stock. Is there an ETA on when more might arrive? I can get by without it, but it seems so convenient (and a good value).