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    Papilio tool set/file types/development flow

    Thanks a lot, Jack. Now it's very clear. Looks like using the Papilio as an Arduino or ZPUino with already available bit files is the place to start in the learning process. If I ever wanted to do anything else with the Papilio, then I would use the Xilinx ISE to create new bit files. Vikram
  2. Hello everybody, This is Vikram, I am a new member. I am new to FPGAs and did a little microcontroller programming. But good in C/C++, know some VHDL/Verilog. Read the documentation and the fpga vhdl book and have some questions on what tools I need/flow/various file types, as I am a little confused. Audruino Papilio IDE-<needed Papilio programmer->needed Xilinx tools->is this needed? </p> The following is my understanding and clarification is appreciated. Sketch (written in Audruino) .pde or .ino Will implement desired fpga functionality Bit file Built in XILINX tools using VHDL/Verilog Same function as a sketch No need for this if using Audruno/Papilio IDE Papilio programmer Downloads sketches or bit files to board. Required Thanks a lot, Vikram