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    connect-debounce failed errors

    The LD1117 looks really burnt out. Vout (pin2) and Vin (pin3) are shorted. that probably means, that everything that is conected to 5V power get 12V. and when I select power from USB and conect USB cable I don't see anything in PC - no new tty, nothing in dmesg and anything changes in lsusb. and the FT2232 gets hot. all the activity I see is that the power led lights up. and when is everything unpluged and I mesure 47ohm resistance betwean GND and 5V. this is probably result of some burn semiconductor component that is powered with 5V. I was looking in the schematic and I see just FT2232, EEPROM 23C46B and of course LD1117. Is that corect or I miss something.
  2. lduck

    connect-debounce failed errors

    hi, I know about the powering from USB, and I there wasn't any real reason, why I was not using it. it's very good to know that 12V is high. But because here http://www.gadgetfactory.net/papilio-wiki/ and here http://papilio.cc/index.php?n=Playground.Hardware is writen that "Input Voltage (recommended): 6.5-15V" and I needed 12V in other part of my schematic (generating white noise on avalanche transition) I though it will be ok. btw: is the FT2232D chip "blank" on the Papilio One board, or programed?
  3. lduck

    connect-debounce failed errors

    hi, is it common that the FTDI chip burn? I bought papilo one 500k in march 2011 (also for my birthday as eliv_andy) and used maybe two or three times since then. tonight I connect 12v, usb cable and smeled something bad. I unpluged everything and the FTDI chip was really hot and in the dmesg I didn't see that I connect the board. I used it just few days ago with the same power adapter and everything worked fine. do you know if/when I remove the FTDI chip, what I should messure on the bord pins? is there a simple way to check, if just the FTDI chip is burn? thank you for your answer.