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  1. Nishant Sood

    Starting with FPGA

    Thanks! Ivan , I will positively do the same.
  2. Nishant Sood

    Starting with FPGA

    Thanks! all especially Jack and Ivan, I should order a Papilio 250K or 500K ,please advice on this! and @jack further I will check out the links by you and Ivan on learning it. Please wish me good luck!
  3. Nishant Sood

    Starting with FPGA

    I have spent a very good healthy time developing professional project's with AVR 8 bit processor and mainly Arduino and Netduino (A 32 BIT powerful ARM processor on it!), Now I want to get into FPGA development. Can you experienced guys can guide me to have some good introduction of FPGA's and their difference from our standard embedded domain? Also, what are the benefit's of getting proficient in it?(leaving JOB prospect's) and ,Most prominently where to start? (I know papilio is great! one to start with but any other BOOK or step by step guide that will make me proficient in these systems?)