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    AC '97 Audio Codec Wing

    I could probably add a header into the design to break out some of the other i/o. The full capabilites of this chip can be seen on the reference design: I could also make a larger wing to utilize some of the other inputs and outputs, as Jack suggested.
  2. rudzz34

    AC '97 Audio Codec Wing

    Sorry its been so long, last time I posted I had just sent out for a very small batch (<10) of my second rev boards to be made for prototyping. After that I was finishing up my thesis and then started a new job, time flies and here we are. I haven't assembled any of my rev 2 boards yet, so I still need to test. In rev 2, I changed the IC to a CS4299, which is still an AC '97 CODEC. I also added jack sense signals so you know whether or not something is plugged into the jacks. It is overall more cleaned up and a nicer design, but still a prototype. Its been a little over a year since this design was made so I will have to review it for part pricing and availability. (Like the fact that every single component is 0603, making a few of the values a bit too expensive) Jack, maybe we could talk about producing these if you are still interested? Let me know. I plan on assembling 5-10 of the boards I have on hand and will post again when I do. -John R.