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    What a huge amount of fun this is.

    Actually, I did see that thread early on. That was one of the motivations -- someone else got it to work, so I should be able to. I'm a bit of a masochist, it seems. The root of this comes from college -- a friend of mine, while he was in high school (we both graduated in 1983, so you understand the time frame) wrote and sold a Forth interpreter for the Apple II. I thought that was impressive. Ever since then, it has been in my brain that I wanted to roll my own Forth sometime. So this is what I'm doing, although I'm starting out a little lower by actually working on the hardware level first. I'm not opposed to stealing code when I find it useful, but I also want to do as much myself as I can. Like I said, I'm a masochist. Heck, that's why I'm playing with FPGAs rather than just getting a processor and starting there.
  2. bithead

    What a huge amount of fun this is.

    Alvie: I've been using the J1 forth cpu from here: I have it running, and I have it talking to a serial console, but I am quite far away from having an interactive Forth experience running on the cpu. What I have is a gforth-based cross compiler that spits out code that I can load into the CPU (right now I'm using a trick to get the code in, and it is in no way a shortcut, I end up having to resynthesize everything). I've been able to prove to myself that the system is running, but not much beyond that. Getting the outer Forth interpreter running (that's the command processor most people interact with) means rolling up my sleeves and writing Forth. I've also contemplated using the b16 processor from here: ...either the b16 or the b16-small (I'd probably do the b16 as it seems small enough). My hesitancy there is because I don't know of any working cross compilers for that chip, and the J1 had one that worked out of the box. I didn't realize that the ZPU was a stack machine. I'm going to have to read up on it.
  3. bithead

    BMM Files

    Hamster, you are awesome. I'll dig into this more myself. I have to admit, I was reading your site, and the though that came to my mind was "Man, you better get going, this guy is way beyond you right now." I love your stuff. My only complaint is that I've found that Verilog matches my brain better than VHDL, but that may be a temporary condition.
  4. bithead

    BMM Files

    pirx: You have actually described exactly the RAM I instantiated. I just used the IP Core Generator to do the dirty work. Well, maybe not EXACTLY the RAM I instantiated. I needed a true dual port item, so that's what I specified.
  5. Well, cool. I understand the part about getting the other projects down to a dull roar before being able to continue. I just wanted to make sure that this product was still a possibility. You make cool things, and I want to buy those cool things.
  6. bithead

    BMM Files

    I think you guys are assuming I know a lot more about this stuff than I do -- I need a much simpler BMM file than that. I used the IP Core generator to give a true dual port RAM block that is 16 bits wide and 8192 words deep. (Well, now I'm unsure if the index is counting bytes or 16 bit words, I assume words because that's what I assumed when I typed "8192" into the wizard.) My current attempt, (listed in my original post) was to take the original BMM file that came with the j1 core, and modify that. The original setup was for 8 bit lanes each 2 bits wide. I thought if I just deleted all but one lane, and made the bit width go to the full 16 bits I'd be fine. But I get the error I listed in the original post, and this is just when I run the syntax check with data2mem. I'm not specifying a bit file, so even if I have messed up a net reference, I'm assuming that's not the issue I'm dealing with here. But I admit, I don't know the tools. I've been using PlanAhead for development, as the tools seem more current than the environment provided by ISE, that could be a factor. By day, I'm a software guy. That could be part of the problem.
  7. bithead

    Prototype: LogiStart MegaWing

    Please include the Papilio Pro. *Especially* if you include something using the SDRAM. I have no opinion on the basys2 stuff, I got pulled into this world via the Papilio. I have no idea how popular those boards are.
  8. I'm really hoping this project is still going to happen. I keep hoping to see something new in this particular topic -- something that will make me start playing the "how can I find a way to justify the cost of this thing to my wife?" game.