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  1. punkie

    FPGA radio

    Hello, I read this forum post about the FPGA radio with great interest. Do you have a copy of the schematic and VHDL. I'm really interested to build a FPGA radio and yours looks great. thanks Alex
  2. punkie

    Bare Bones I2C Master Writer

    Hi, could you please repost your SimpleI2c.zip files. I cannot unzip the ones already posted above by using winzip or 7z. I get a message from winzip saying that the file is missing 7193 bytes. thanks pp
  3. punkie

    Ultimating 1.0 release.

    Hello Jack and ivanjh, thanks for pointing me to the right documentation and for taking the time to explain about the variants. I'll be okay from here, thanks, punkie
  4. punkie

    Ultimating 1.0 release.

    Hi, I'm new vhdl, to the papilio and the zpuino, but I'm learning I have successfully fired up the zpuino ide on my windows PC and been able to load the zpuino bit file and a hello world sketch to my papilio one 500. Can you tell me how I find out if i2c is in the zpuino core and the pins (on the header connections) that it is connected to? [i have tried to look at the core top level vhdl at https://github.com/alvieboy/ZPUino-HDL/blob/master/zpu/hdl/zpuino/boards/papilio_one/s3e500/papilio_one_top.vhd but I'm struggling to see any i2C]. thanks punkie
  5. Thanks Jack. That worked a treat. I was able to copy the out.bit file onto my desktop and then from there into the Papilio one SPI flash using the standalone papilio loader. I had to make sure that I did not exit the Arduino IDE before copying the file onto the desktop, as the IDE cleans up the directory erasing the file, on exit. Alex
  6. Hi, I'm new this (as you will guess in a moment). I have successfully used the Arduino IDE to load the Hello World sketch in the Arduino examples folder into the SPI flash of my Papilio one (500), and I can get it to send Hello World out of the serial port. I powered down the board just to check it was in the flash and that the Hello World app would run after powering up again, and it did, as expected. I then thought about loading the bit file using the papilio loader. Only I can't find it (by doing a seach for *.bit) on my PC. Does anyone know if its stored under another name or is it erased from the hard drive after being loaded by the Arduino IDE? thanks Alex