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    Papilio One no longer recognized on USB

    Hi Jack, thanks for your quick help. Actually, there was some problem with the connector (or the USB cable?). I changed my cable et moved the connector a bit, and now everything is back to normal. Thanks again, Jérôme
  2. Hi all, I was enjoying playing successfully with a Papilio One 500K board, but after some unknown event (maybe trying a home-made wing that seemed OK?), my board is no longer recognized on the USB by my computer. Symptoms: when I plug the board on the computer, the Power LED is on, Power is supplied to the Wings supply pins (3.3V OK), but I no longer see the board from the computer. I tried even with low level tools, basically nothing is seen from the computer. Any idea how I could repair/debug this? (if this is even possible :-() Thanks, Jérôme