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  1. Galaxian and new Arcade Blaster 1.2 app

    Another bug in Galaxian HDL, Jack: seems that reset doesn't work .
  2. Galaxian and new Arcade Blaster 1.2 app

    Oh! I think no... needs to be fixed in HDL. Anyway, thanks again for fix it!
  3. Galaxian and new Arcade Blaster 1.2 app

    Yeah! it works! you rock! but I miss the sound explosion of the ship. Is it normal?
  4. Not sure if it's my fault or a bug. I downloaded today the new version of Arcade Blaster to see Galaxian running on papilio arcade. I have two problems: When I'm trying to install the rom, Arcade Blaster recognizes Mr. Do's Nightmare (they share the same romset files as it shows at Games.xml). Changing the order of game romsets at Games.xml (Galaxian before Mr. Do's Nightmare) I've installed Galaxian but it doesn't work well as you can see on the next pictures. Some parts of the sprites (ships, flags,...) has disappeared Thanks!
  5. Problems with Papilio Arcade Blaster App

    I think I'll buy that one: https://www.adafruit.com/products/480 you think it's ok? I guess it's absolutely compatible ;-)
  6. Problems with Papilio Arcade Blaster App

    Wow! it works! and the others romsets too :-) I was confused trying to put two zip files inside of one (too silly!). Anyway, now it's all ok and the next step is find a compatible joystick to play the games I didn't known of the existence of romvault! Thanks for your help, the files and to be patient! Best, Xavier PS: actually it runs a simple linux distro with Nodejs running inside... ;-) it's really promising but I miss a few features like 3D acceleration
  7. Problems with Papilio Arcade Blaster App

    Hey again! Good news also bad news. I put the Scramble romset inside the rom folder of the Arcade Blaster and it recognizes them! I load the game but I only have a frozen screen of the room boot: Seems to be corrupted the rom or something I don't notice. Anyway, I put the Pacman rom and it runs at the first time! Yeah! only left a atari joystick or compatible to play it, but happy to see that it's not a hardware problem ;-) On the other hand, I put the Frogger and Crush Roller roms and Arcade Blaster not recognize them... this things are turning me crazy! Any advice or help are welcome... Thanks, Xavier
  8. Problems with Papilio Arcade Blaster App

    Ever I follow the steps but doesn't work again: create the scramble.zip which contains the two zip files run the app as an administrator still fails... I test the scramble rom with mame 146b (last build) and runs perfectly. on the other hand, I'm really interested in your .dat :-) specially if I can avoid this awkward moment Thanks
  9. Hi, I'm trying to run Scramble on the Papilio Arcade but after many attempts this doesn't work properly. Let me explain myself a little: The Papilio Arcade runs well and I love it. I uploaded a short video yesterday ;-) I downloaded the Scramble rom. It works well with MAME 0.140 After all, I trying to upload the rom to the Blaster App but does not recognize it and, therefore, can't install it. I attached one screenshot to show the error message. Hope you can help me :-) Thanks in advance, Xavier