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  1. Ultra Tank

    Damn I miss the *old* games... Except clowns which somehow always surfaces again(damn u s.k...) Isn't the timer bound to one of the vs counters like sound ?
  2. Ultra Tank

    Could you repost the image (assuming the attachment is one, it can't be downloaded) Gg once again.. haven't even had a chance to check your previous one live yet but wanted to chime in so you know at least someone wants to see more -V
  3. Sprint 2

    nice!! The screenshot brings up good memories. Super Bug next ? :DD -V
  4. Super Breakout preview

    Nice:) The bronze age games definitely deserve to have more attention! I guess one needs to be past certain age to really appreciate them as most of them really aren't that good compared to post space invaders releases. Otoh many of them are actually protos to modern one button mobile games with less eye candy
  5. SPI to initialize TFT

    For the ILI chips you could probably adapt https://github.com/thekroko/ili9341_fpga or yomboprime's yombotft addon for zxuno (also on github) The ILI datasheet also has the info, although in a little less understandable format. br, -V
  6. new sound chips ?

    Not sure if anyone noticed but there are a few new chip cores created by jotego who frequents at least on the zxuno and mist forums. https://github.com/jotego/jt51 (link to ym2151 clone, there are also ym2612 and a new take on sn76489) I don't own a synth wing so i've no idea if they would be an useful addition or not, nor how much work they would be to plug in. br, -V ps. the jt51 demo is using a new cycle accurate 6809 core which could be of interest to someone running old synth code on fpga
  7. Issues reading SD Card on Classic Computing Shield

    I think designlab has a ready to run example too.
  8. FPGA vector games

    i basically gave up after 30 minutes ... an army of new 'U' signals seemed to pop each and every time i thought i'd got them all.. sorry.
  9. FPGA vector games

    If you start mame with the '-debug' option you should start up with a really powerful debugger. (with builtin help ) isim seems to want all signals preset or it doesn't do anything meaningful (or maybe i was not patient enough)... it really isn't a 5 minute job to rig up a tb from the sources.
  10. FPGA vector games

    did you check with mame debugger where things start to go wrong ? Is it possible one of the input signals is accidentally active when the cpu expects to read rom ? (didn't check the code yet
  11. Which FPGA Board Please?

    Hi, Bombjack works ok on Papilio DUO, can't remember if it would be possible to get it running on a PRO (DRAM access time might be the limiting factor) You don't necessarily need a scanline generator, the internal scan doubler can easily be modified to blank(or dim) every second line.
  12. Using on-board RAM in designs

    I think there's some merit in trying to use as high level approach as possible since it allows using fat (as an example) formatted cards so the card doesnt have to be dedicated to one task. I've been experimenting with zpu(and z80/6505) floppy emulator for apple2 and the zpu one seems to require a lot less floorspace för the fat access. Having said that the actual floppy-apple io is much easier to implement in hardware because the clocking is guaranteed to be accurate.
  13. CVSD decoder

    You can actually load Hex files in ise too Please do share the fixes whenever happy with them. Its probably not possible to fit sinistars speech decoding + the sinistar specific video logic into a lx9 of papilio Duo but pipistrello's lx45 should have enough floor space.
  14. CVSD decoder

    i'm probably missing some important point here but the decoder is a lot simpler if you don't intend to replace an actual physical part. mame sources (as usual for any extinct piece of hardware) have a good example in c https://github.com/mamedev/mame/blob/master/src/devices/sound/hc55516.cpp This actually looks like a nice distraction from real life work, i'll try to cook up an example if i can figure out how to use the ieee proposed fixed point package included in ISE ...
  15. Uh, i meant to write bitmerge is definitely easier :/