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  1. andymanone

    SK-Synth source?

    Unfortunately not, but you could try to contact the developer, he announced his project here in the forum: Electro Music Forum ...on the other hand, it could be useful maybe, to take a look at this project: A subtractive music synth fully implemented in FPGA / The Tiny Synth Project Cheers, andY
  2. Hey Mark, so great to meet you here! I know, that you don´t have enough time for things like this, thats why I´m very happy , that you back again now ! Looking for next news ! BR, andY
  3. Hi Felix, sounds great ! Keep curious and looking forward, hope, I can post some news and first results in the very near future! andY
  4. Hi @all, here I want to start now a bigger topic. with the power of the brandnew generation of Papilio Duo, I got the idea, to implement some complete classic computers (like Atari XL/XE, Atari ST, ATARI 2600, Commodore C64, Amiga and others) inside the Papilio Duo. So you be able to load Diskimages or Module-Images (Games, Demos and Tools (like Assembler or others) into the FPGA. Other (than the idea of Retrocade), you´ll got an complete working, full programmable System (instead of only the Soundchips) I´ve discussed this topic also with Jack and he is enthusiastic about the idea) So I´ll start now, with Mark (a friend of mine and a genius ). First of all, we´ll start to work on the implementation of an very high compatible ATARI XL/XE core for the Papilio Duo (together with the proper Computing shield). Any ideas, additional informations or close planned projects are welcome! So we´ll hope for a lot response and feedback! Thanks, andY
  5. Swapped Papilo Pro received last week! Thank again Jack, for your fast and friendly support ! andY
  6. andymanone

    RetroCade Professional Case

    Well, hmm another source could be Retex. Especially the Destop version (KEYBOX) (in a nice Retro design ) looks interesting... BR, andY
  7. andymanone

    Minimoog Synth

    Hi Jack, there is an simple typo ! if you look, you can see there is a dot "." after the link! Move the Dot and you´re able to reach the github andY
  8. andymanone

    RetroCade Professional Case

    Hi Jack, Pianocade is an nice Idea and an inspiration, but - not sure, what other ones think about - in my opinion its a little bit too "old schoolish" I would imagine maybe more a design like this one: ( it comes from and its built for an DIY Stepsequencer) My own project at the moment is, to use and modify one of the really inexpensive MIDI-Controllers from the FAME Tweak series, insert there the Retocade hardware and swap the Display (rewiring of knobs, buttons and sliders are not neccessary (accept the joystick), because I´m able to route the MIDI controlling internal to the Retrocade hardware (there is also a software available to set up the proper control changes for each button) An original TWEAK 25 looks like this one (below) (there is also a 49 key and a 61 key version available) Any additional inspirations are welcome BR, andY
  9. Hi Jack, thanks for your feedback! eMail to support is done . BR, andY
  10. andymanone

    SID Filters

    Did you tried to use the "Papilo Loader 2.1" with the Auto detect function? Think, that should works. BR, andY
  11. Hi Jack, so I would accept your offer now, to bring my Prototype Retrocade Synth alive ! Pls tell me what´s to do for swapping the Proto Pro with a Production One! Thanks a lot in Advance! andY
  12. andymanone

    RetroCade Professional Case

    Hi Jack, I´ve there a very simple question : is there anytime in the future a commercial housing available for the Retrocade Synth and orderable via your GF shop? (Maybe with a flexible cable kit for placing the display to another point and cool was a joystick extension too ?) BR, andY
  13. andymanone

    SID Filters

    Great work, Jack & Alvi! Well done! andY