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  1. fiddler

    I'm going to be stuck in Atlanta, GA

    Was going to suggest the NASA space center in Huntsville, but its about 3 to 4 hours drive from Atlanta. Pretty neat though. Amazing to think that a bunch of rednecks put man on the moon, haha. Would recommend it, if you can find the time but you need a day there. Kim
  2. I think it has to have Papilio in the name and Papilio should also be first so the association with Papilio is instant. I like Papilio DesignLab - sounds pretty pro :-)
  3. fiddler

    Diagnostic Test in the FPGA

    Cheers Reading about it now :-) Thanks Kim
  4. It dawned on me that I can basically have built in test "software" in the FPGA as I can monitor any io in parrallel in real time with no additional overheads. NOW that is cool. This is to monitor my program, the outside io's, NOT the FPGA itself. This could be read out to a screen, JTAG port or whatever. I have traweled Google but haven't found anything of any significance. Can anyone shed some light on this, share any experince or maybe provide a link or something. Anything is appriciated Cheers K
  5. fiddler

    What Software to download

    Hi I got Xilinx webpack up and running and one of the first things I noticed, is that it hasn't got intellisense and/or auto complete of words. Is there a better text editor for VHDL around ? Running Xilinx on Windows as the Linux install failed somewhere
  6. fiddler

    Quadrature encoders and LCD

    Got the boards last week, but work got in the way. Then Xilinx decided to not install, so there went another evening. Anyway, the boards are working in the Arduino setup with the LED/Button wing setup. Can't believe how fast it downloads to the boards, i presume that the AVR8 softcore get downloaded each time as well. Now that its working via the arduino, i'm trying to get a simple AND gate to work and download in the Xilinx suite. This is going to be fun... Kim
  7. fiddler

    Quadrature encoders and LCD

    Cheers guys. Still haven't got my boards yet, but been busy reading up on VHDL etc. Scary thing is that, so far, I find it quite easy to comprehend and I'm telling you thats definitely not normal for me. Will be interesting to see how far I get before the wheels fall off....... LOL. Kim
  8. fiddler

    What Software to download

    Just looking at what software to download for FPGA development for the papilio board. Xilinx ISE Design Suite. Its a whopper at about 7Gb. Anything else ? K
  9. Hi Just ordered a couple of papilio boards, first adventure into FPGA :-) First project will be to collect counts from 2 high speed Quadrature encoders, with a potential count up to 80K/second per encoder which is a potential count of 360K pulses per channel per second. After the data has been processed, a position of sorts will be sent to a Micro, properly an Arduino for starters. Would like a LCD to display some basic data via menu, including some buttons. Hope to be able to interface a LCD directly to the papilio Have searched for fpga quadrature encoder on the site but to no avail. Any suggestion on where to find info. Sorry for the nobbie questions, just a bit exited :-) K