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  1. bug

    Wishbone docs

    Found this thread, which does help. Would be nice to know exactly how ZPUino's implementation relates to or deviates from either B.3 or B.4 tho.
  2. bug

    Wishbone docs

    Is there any documentation on the specific version of Wishbone that ZPUino implements ? All that the ZPUino docs state is that "ZPUino is Wishbone compliant", but the signals is uses don't seem to quite match any of the revisions of the spec that I'm able to find (e.g. no tag data). Is there a simple description of the protocols that ZPUino modules should follow ?
  3. bug

    Homebrew for pacman

    Heh, from the title I thought this was about package managers. Rotation in Tetris games in general can be complicated, especially if you want to accommodate any of the modern conveniences such as wall-kicks. To make it simple, I'd recommend implementing one of the existing rotation systems. TetrisConcept has extensive explanations and diagrams of the most prevalent ones: http://tetrisconcept.net/wiki/Category:Rotation_Systems The lack buttons is unfortunate, as typically "up" is mapped to "hard drop". I suppose it's only really a loss if you're trying to make a competitive/speed-based game, in which case you'd need multiple rotate buttons (CW, CCW, 180), anyway...
  4. bug

    Pipistrello - "Papilio on steroids"

    It's a valid point, since the PCB clearly has enough room for at least 3 corner holes. Anyway, I wonder whether or not the Plus' hardware already makes an HDMI wing feasible ? Not that this board isn't really quite cool, only that some projects might not need all of those peripherals.
  5. bug

    Problem using custom build

    As I suspected, the 13.4 version of data2mem works, not 14+. I just had to temporarily sacrifice 30 GB of my HDD. Thank you, that's a useful tool. It didn't look like data2mem (14.1) was missing anything, though...
  6. bug

    Prototype PCB's arrived!

    Please don't worry about adding superfluous features like a removable LCD if that would endanger your schedule. I too have a deadline, after which the RetroCade will not be as useful for my project as it might have been... All the same, I agree that getting it done right is better than being on time, so don't feel rushed either.
  7. bug

    Problem using custom build

    There is a Microsoft.VC90.CRT but no VC80. Copying that folder does not change the error... I also just realized I'm using WebPack 14.1. Is it possible that I need to downgrade to 13.4 ?
  8. bug

    Problem using custom build

    After trying the fix, I get a different error, Merging Verilog Mem file with Xilinx bitstream: make: *** [pcustom] Error -1073741502 which is the code for STATUS_DLL_INIT_FAILED (0xC0000142). This is coupled with a Visual C++ Runtime dialog that says: Runtime Error! Program: C:\Users\Bug\A... R6034 An application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library incorrectly. Please contact the application's support team for more information. The reference to the C library made me suspect that msys was at fault (as in http://forum.gadgetf...d-vista-64-bit/ ), but replacing msys-1.0.dll had no apparent effect. Because the path is truncated, I'm not even sure which exe threw the error, but I suspect it may be the new data2mem. Ideas?
  9. I have a small IP core from a previous project written in Verilog that I'd like to use alongside the AVR8 core. Although I've used both Verilog and VHDL, I'm somewhat at a loss as to using them together. While it appears possible to mix code in a simulation, it's unclear from Xilinx documentation whether the ISE can synthesisze them together. Has anyone performed this successfully or is it necessary to convert all code to VHDL?