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  1. lak

    Acorn Atom on the Duo

    Hi Dave, Yes it works now. thanks
  2. lak

    Acorn Atom on the Duo

    Hi, Using the supplied bit file for papilio duo and sd card with the unzipped archive (fat32), the Atom fpga did not load the menu despite pressing shift F10. CTRL F10 gives the prompt for Basic.
  3. Sorry, read on the other post that keyboard should be on the other PS2 port. Working now
  4. lak

    USB Issue on AVR side.

    Hi Jack, That Com3: serial port is my workhorse usb to serial converter. After removing it, everything works now. I'm able to write to spi flash. Somehow it interferes with the papilio duo fpga port....hmm. Thanks for your help
  5. lak

    USB Issue on AVR side.

    Sorry, been out of town for work. Pls see attached file. Looks like papilio_programmer got stuck? I'm using win 7 x64 home edition.
  6. lak

    USB Issue on AVR side.

    Hi Jack, I did some java update etc.. I can now upload using the upload sketches button to the papduo AVR and papduo FPGA 2meg COM2 and COM1 resp. The COM drivers are all ok under windows 7 x64. But I still cannot program the spi chip using load circuit button. It hang there showing burning bit file (this may take a minute) until an exception occurred. The exception is shown in the attached picture.
  7. lak

    USB Issue on AVR side.

    Hi Jack, I still cannot get Design Lab 1.04 to program my papilio duo AVR and FPGA. The serial monitor can receive the data sent back from the startup example. I'm using Win7 64 bit Home edition. All my other Arduino USB boards and Xilinx platform USBII works fine. On the bright side, the board (and Design Lab 1.04) works well with Window XP on my notebook.
  8. lak

    Video inversion for Invaders

    Thanks been waiting for this for a long time. Those midway vertical games can be enjoyed again.