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  1. markbuckingham

    Papilio / zpuino tools on OS-X ?

    Thanks Jack, I guess I'll just stick to the vm for now.
  2. markbuckingham

    Papilio / zpuino tools on OS-X ?

    Anyone try running the tools on OS-X ? I can run linux in a VM, but I'd prefer to not to... I could try to recompile everything for the mac... I've had pretty good luck recompiling other linux stuff so far. thanks!
  3. markbuckingham

    External SRAM?

    Cool, thanks.
  4. markbuckingham

    External SRAM?

    Is it possible to hook an external SRAM chip up to the Papilio One? Has anybody done it yet? Thanks!
  5. markbuckingham

    Question about interfacing

    I thought that was the case. Thanks!
  6. markbuckingham

    Question about interfacing

    Hi- I have a Papilio one on the way, hope to see it in a day or two, really excited about it. Anyway, I've got a pretty easy question about interfacing the papilio to other hardware. Basically, what I'd like to do is connect the papilio to the bus on my Apple IIe, and also to my macbook via usb at the same time. I'm pretty sure that this should be possible, but what I'm wondering is do I need to do anything to electrically isolate the macbook from the papilio or the papilio from the apple II? I'm pretty sure I need to level shift the logic signals on the apple II, as it's 5v. Do I have to do anything else? The reason I'm wondering is I remember when RS232 ports used optoisolators to prevent problems, and I'm not sure if this is the same sort of thing. Thanks!