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  1. aventuri

    GOWIN FPGA Board

    sorry, i don't understand exactly your request are you committing to pay someone doing the work for an open source design of such a FPGA board? bye
  2. aventuri

    arty $99 artix fpga board

    don't want to hijack the thread, but talking about "development software" for FPGA, i have to say i have recently been hooked by the Icestorm project. it's the succesful effort to reverse the bitstream of a "family" of (small) LatticeSemi FPGA: the iCE40 .. together with yosys, arachne-pnr and icestorm tools, you can have a completely open and free toolchain from verilog to bitstream. that's good for so many reasons i'll not talk more. for example, you can move the development host on a ARM based low power netbook (and not only x86 monster..). you could try to find new/better use case, for example study if "partial reconfiguration" is feasible and effective on such a platform. of course i know those LatticeSemi are on another (lower) league then X and A^WI devices, anyway this free and open toolchain looks like a major achievement to me.. bests
  3. aventuri

    gpl gpu in verilog?

    hello boys, i saw an announce recently about the opensourcing of a 2D/3D commercial GPU of the late nineties: https://github.com/asicguy/gplgpu maybe it's good companion for the "soon to come" HDMI wing for Papilio Pro? (or for Pipistrello) bests Andrea PS sadly enough it's in verilog, the "perl" of HDL! :-)
  4. aventuri

    32Mhz Oscillator for Papilio pro

    thanks for all the advices. it looks like simpler then i expected! :-) i'll try surely the DCM with 32->27 synthesis.. i checked coregen and indeed it spits out a "perfect" 27MHz without rounding in the wizard. Andrea
  5. aventuri

    32Mhz Oscillator for Papilio pro

    as we are on this topic, let me ask a suggestion; i'm planning to set up some design related to DVB transport stream (filtering, remapping, PCR restamping). the standard clock for DVB is usually 27MHz. do you think i can just swap the actual 32MHz part with a 27Mhz and be pretty done with it? i mean if you know there are "critical loop" in some binary code in the micro that could be upset if i change the reference clock. finally, do you know the digikey part number that's compliant with the actual form factor? the swap should be a pretty quick job of a rework station, right? bests
  6. aventuri

    HDMI Wings

    these HDMI wings are very interesting. on question, are they going to be working both ways, as input or output, HDMI-wise? are they supposed to be for sale sometime?
  7. Just for the record, there's the Bunny's (the "Chumby" guy) NeTV open source design with a SP6-LX9: http://kosagi.com/w/index.php?title=NeTV_Main_Page that box goes at $119 here: http://adafruit.com/products/609 of course it's not a general purpose design but AFAIK it was born for showcasing the HDMI passthrough hack completely open. it has got a Marvell PXA168 controller onboard too, that i suppose it's expensive too. bye