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    I should be using this for more than video games...

    Hi Jack and all, I'd be quite interested in getting hold of a Papilio Plus. I have a Papilio One 250K which I started my project on but outgrew (in a LUT & BRAM sense) a few months back! I've just completed my own design as I needed to move to the bigger better faster Spartan 6. The project is a FPGA based MP3/WAV player which does the MP3 decoding in software on a 32-bit RISC (mostly MIPS-I ISA with modified GCC) CPU running at near 60MHz on a Spartan 6 LX9. It runs well and I'm able to decode 320Kbps MP3s in real-time which are read from a FAT16/FAT32 formatted microSD card. I've just started the write-up on http://ultra-embedded.com/fpga_audio I reckon I could port this to the Papilio Plus with micro SD wing & audio wing without too much bother if anyone is interested.