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  1. Using ARV8 VHDL code in Altium Designer

    Hi again Jack. Awesome, I will give that a go. ;D
  2. Using ARV8 VHDL code in Altium Designer

    Thanks for getting back to me, Jack. I can just import all of the VHDL as discrete hardware blocks, each with their own inputs and outputs, but I run into a wall when it comes to wiring everything up. I can only guess where everything goes. Re-creating the clocks shouldn't be too hard. I just don't have much experience with creating an entire thing in VHDL, as all of my experience is Verilog. Any ideas on what to do? If not, I guess i'll just have to use the Xilinx ISE Webpack for everything. I have never used it before.
  3. Hi all. I was wondering if it is possible to utilise the arv8 softcore in Altium Designer? I do have some experience in using Altium Designer, but only with verilog - VHDL is new territory for me. I am guessing I will have to import all of the VHDL code into Altium Designer and drop all the code as Sheet Symbols, and wire everything up. Is this correct? I am looking to utilise the arv8 softcore with RepRap to build a 3D printer. Thanks for any help guys.