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  1. rpflaum

    USB controller / wing

    Please share the OV7670 controller+USB also Thanks
  2. rpflaum

    J1 Forth CPU on Papilio Duo

    I would be interested in participating in a sub -forum on the J1 on Duo
  3. rpflaum

    J1 Forth CPU on Papilio Duo

    Hi James, I would like to give the J1 a spin. Thanks for your work on thus and Gameduino Bob
  4. rpflaum

    generic development board thoughts

    Jack, I think there is a lot to like about the LinkSprite board. It would be a good base to start from. I certainly would like to help support this effort by buying some if you put them up in the store. FPGA modules ( Xilinx and Altera) would be a good place to start to expand the idea. Let us know how we can help! Bob
  5. rpflaum

    generic development board thoughts

    @nilrods, I had no technical problems with the butterfly board. I thought the modular approach was the way to go. I still believe that modularity is a good way to go. As has been said it would certainly help keep down the number of boards one collects because of of being able to mix and match various peripheral circuits with the core FPGA and being able to upgrade the core when appropriate. I think Jack has done a fine job supporting the peripherals and would like to see an approach to make the core modular as well. Once again , I thank Jack for all he has done to support the community and look forward to being able to continue supporting him in his efforts. TrapperBob
  6. rpflaum

    generic development board thoughts

    Some of us who have the modular Butterfly Platform boards beg to differ. There were not enough of us though! Countinued thanks for your thoughtful designs and efforts Jack. We are behind you! TrapperBob
  7. rpflaum

    My DUO arrived today

    I received mine o\n Saturday.
  8. rpflaum

    Project Oberon on Papilio Pro?

    Magnus, Is this SRAM wing something you will be offering on your site for sale? TrapperBob
  9. rpflaum

    The next generation Papilio - help me shape it.

    Jack, I would love to work with one of the prototypes! Bob
  10. rpflaum

    SDRAM controller with consistent access time?

    What is typically done is to use a dcm to introduce a controlled phase shift/delay in the clock used in the output registers before sending it out of the fpga as the sdram clock. This dcm is fine-tuned to match the delays to get the proper setup and hold times.
  11. rpflaum

    SDRAM controller with consistent access time?

    Alex, I would answer yes to this offer!! "If anyone is keen I can make the entire zipped up project available (very small size)" Thanks Bob
  12. rpflaum

    The next generation Papilio - help me shape it.

    Black soldermask has exhibited process reliability issues reported by numerous sources
  13. rpflaum

    HDMI Wings

    Jack, have time to do some testing but not sure of timing to be on Skype. Please let me know how I can help. Bob
  14. rpflaum

    New to this tech.

    Puskyer, I took a look at the repository for zx_spectrum_48k_papilio_VGA : In the readme file it mentions "zx_spectrum_48k_papilio_VGA : for Papilio Pro with Arcade MegaWing. Because the external DRAM of the Papilio Pro is not used and there is not enough RAMB internal to the FPGA, this configuration of Spectrum only has 32K RAM. To do so, and in order for the project to synthesize, in file ram.v change reg [7:0] sram [0:32767]; to reg [7:0] sram [0:16387]; " Maybe this is the issue you are running into. It appears from your log that it is not finding enough sites(slices with FF) in the FPGA to put together the memory needed.
  15. Alex, I would have interest in following that!!
  16. rpflaum

    A proto-board for use with Papilios...

    I quess I now have to place another order for some of these now. Just missed the last order! Oh well, what ya going to do
  17. rpflaum

    Showing off my simple newbie project

    Alex, I have been following the Robotron thread with great interest and appreciate the expertise and time involved. Thanks
  18. I too have had this annoyance for quite one time and it continues to grow as I collect more FTDI-based USB devices. It would be great if we could one up with a solution.
  19. rpflaum

    Feedback on Breadboard Wing Prototype

    I like the idea and very much agree with Hamster's comments. I like the thought of a Pmod adapter.
  20. RichardE, Sorry for the short reply last evening but I was not near a Xilinx install. For the Intro Book you will want to use Project navigator. You will find Project navigator under ISE Design Tools menu whereas the Platform Studio is under the EDK menu and is used for working with embedded processing cores and peripheral blocks such as MicroBlaze
  21. Hi Richard, You want to start the ISE Project Navigator not the Platform Studio
  22. Jack, Very glad to see the Pro boards shipping. Placed my ordered earlier today! Bob
  23. Jack, I believe the issue may only happen when two powered hubs have been chained together. I need to try to recreate the issue but I will be busy working on some business out of town for the rest of the week. Please do not spend any cycles investigating this at this time until I can get more data. Thanks Bob
  24. Jack, Thank you very much for the latest update to the Papilio Loader for the Macronix Flash. It works fine! One question which I don't think I have ever mentioned before is that if I have a USB hub ( This happen s on all my PCs at home or work, Windows XP or Windows 7) connected the Paplio Loader or Papilio programmer fails to recognize any Papilio board and just time out. Any idea what is causing this. If I disconnect the hub , everything works just fine. Thanks Bob
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