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  1. geokonst

    Pins low during initialization

    Thanks a lot Jack. I might do that.
  2. Does anybody know a way to keep IOs low while powering up, without any extra hardware? Thanks in advance!
  3. Great news! These will be amazing! I am definitely going to use the second one! Any estimate when to expect these? Pre-orders?
  4. Thank you Jack for the amazing tutorial and for posting it so fast. I was writing my own vhdl module to avoid using a microblaze, but soon realized that your approach actually saves space. Cheers!
  5. geokonst

    Possible to replace crystal ?

    Thanks. I was thinking to replace the crystal because I need an 150MHz clock and don't want to cascade 2 DCMs.
  6. Great! I've got one of those too! Please let us know how it goes!
  7. Hello Jack, The FT2232D datasheet states that the chip supports up to 3MBaud. But you say that the maximum baud rate on the papilio board is 115200. Why is that? Thank you!
  8. geokonst

    Possible to replace crystal ?

    Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to replace papillo one crystal with a 50MHz one. Planning to use hot air station. Any reason why this wouldn't work?