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  1. The content should still be there, we just need to fix broken links. Please let us know what you see wrong and we will work on getting things in order. http://learn.gadgetfactory.net should work for the learn content.
  2. Jack Gassett

    Is gadget factory moving sites or shutting down?

    Hey guys, I'm very sorry for the hassle, I'm not shutting GF down or moving websites. I started a new job and went through a very intensive two week training period with 14 hour days so there was no time left to look at forum posts here. The hosting for the downloads just happened to expire during that period and I didn't see the emails. I saw it once the training was over and everything should be sorted out now. Things should calm down going forward and I should settle into a routine where I can keep up with forum posts going forward. Once again, sorry for the hassle. Thanks, Jack.
  3. Jack Gassett

    Program the ATmega32U4 without boot loader via USB

    Hey Paul, glad you got is sorted out. Sorry for the slow response. Jack.
  4. Jack Gassett

    transform papilio duo 2Mb into 512kB project

    Hello Sandro, The only thing that is different between the 2MB and 512KB boards should be that in the 2MB board there is one extra address line that the 2MB chip provides. The circuit board is exactly the same, its just that on the 512KB board that address line connects to a pin that does nothing while on the 2MB board it gives access to more address space. Jack.
  5. Jack Gassett

    Wishbone_to_Registers lisence

    No, consider that code public domain code. Feel free to do whatever you like with it. Jack.
  6. Jack Gassett

    VGA Wing (6 bit)

    Sparkfun must have made a mistake then... I didn't realize they were even still selling Papilio boards. I have a VGA wing here in front of me and R1, R2, R3 are 391 (390 ohm) and R4, R5, R6 are 821 (820 ohm). So if all six resistors on the board you have are the same value then they made a mistake when they manufactured the boards... We should get you a better board, are you in the United States? Jack.
  7. Jack Gassett

    Why 32MHz XTAL?

    Sounds good, keep us posted about how it goes with a different oscillator. Jack.
  8. Can you read the part number from the transistor? If so then type it into digikey.com and go from there... Jack.
  9. Jack Gassett

    Contradiction in description

    Yes, agreed. Jack.
  10. Jack Gassett

    VGA Wing (6 bit)

    It looks like that schematic is for version 1.0 of the VGA wing. The 1.1 version should have 2 bits per color. Please look at the pinouts here: http://papilio.cc/index.php?n=Papilio.VGAWing Jack.
  11. Jack Gassett

    Simple connections of the output Pin "D12" with clk

    Awesome! Glad that helped out. Jack.
  12. Jack Gassett

    Why 32MHz XTAL?

    The clocking wizard usually does a pretty good job of getting you close to where you need to be. Please look at this tutorial to see how to use the clocking wizard: http://gadgetfactory.net/learn/2017/02/22/fpga-clocking-clocking-wizard-in-xilinx-ise/ 32Mhz was selected because I wanted something below 50Mhz that would be considered low frequency. Also, for the Spartan 3E it had to be over 10Mhz if I remember correctly. I found two reels of 32Mhz oscillators for $10 on eBay and since at the time I was manufacturing all of the Papilio boards on a pick and place in my basement the decision to go with 32Mhz was made easy. Jack.
  13. Jack Gassett

    Contradiction in description

    It's not bootstrap, a bit file gets loaded to the FPGA that connects the SPI pins of the Flash chip to the MPSSE engine of the FT2232 chip. papilio-prog is a fork of xc3sprog application. xc3sprog supports changing the channel. Jack.
  14. Jack Gassett

    Simple connections of the output Pin "D12" with clk

    You can also see more tutorials at: http://learn.gadgetfactory.net/ These may help: http://gadgetfactory.net/learn/2015/05/13/designlab-another-fpga-circuit-example-2/ http://gadgetfactory.net/learn/2015/05/03/designlab-make-a-simple-fpga-circuit-2/ http://gadgetfactory.net/learn/2017/02/22/fpga-clocking-clocking-wizard-in-xilinx-ise/
  15. Jack Gassett

    Simple connections of the output Pin "D12" with clk

    If you try to connect the 96Mhz clock to an external pin you are not going to see anything on a LED attached to that pin, it is going to be too fast. You want to slow down the clock to something you can see. Please take a look under the symbols area for the Building_Blocks there are pre-made tools to help connect to a 32Mhz clock (which is the default clock for Papilio) and slow the clock down. You can do something like this: