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    Hey all! I'm a graduate student in chemical engineering at UC Berkeley and as a side-project, I'm exploring the possibility of implementing various types of process controllers on FPGAs. My home operating system is Ubuntu and I had a heck of a night scraping together bits and pieces of advice from across the Internet to get Xilinx ISE and Papilio Loader set up and successfully writing bitfiles to the FPGA, so this morning I wrote up a little how-to guide: https://github.com/brandoncurtis/fpga This is just a starting point, and I hope to provide step-by-step guides to more advanced projects as I learn them. I'm particularly interested in updating the examples in the excellent but venerable Intro to Spartan FPGA eBook to run on the Papilio Duo and whatever other hardware I can get my hands on, and enable a side-by-side comparison of VHDL and Verilog for anyone who's interested in learning both. I'll improve the setup guide by trimming unnecessary steps just as soon as I have the opportunity to do a fresh install on another machine. In the meantime, I'd love feedback! If you're using Ubuntu, let me know these steps are working for you or if you know of comprehensive guides elsewhere.