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    Hi Jack and Forum, I have been experimenting with the Papilio Duo with ZPUino and VGA, as a means of producing CAD gerber files. It's very early days - but shown is a screen shot of a LQFP-64 package, created on the ZPUino and displayed in VGA. I've added a few vias and a 4 thou track for scale. If Chuck Moore could change the way VLSI CAD tools were used in the early 1990s - then I'm sure the Papilio Duo and ZPUino can be applied in this area. Imagine a complete CAD workstation embedded in a mouse - it's been done before. Here's a posting from 3/8/2000 by the late Jeff Fox - who worked with Chuck Moore on the early Forth chips http://www.ultratechnology.com/scope.htm Nothing new under the sun - we just forget 99% of what's gone before us Ken London
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    Oops - missed out the attachment Ken