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    (In the meantime, anyone using VMWare that can't boot DesignLab -- go into VMWare's sharing settings and turn off sharing. Sharing makes your Windows home folder read-only, which the Arduino version of java doesn't like when it's trying to enumerate the serial devices.)
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    I can't get the DesignLab 1.0.4 to work, I get the Launch4j error after seeing the splash screen. The arduino_debug output shows it to be this java/arduino error: https://github.com/arduino/Arduino/issues/2691 Which appears to be fixed via bunding a newer version of java in arduino, as of 19 days ago. Any possibility you can merge in those changes? It seems to affect people using VMWare, which are probably a lot of your users
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    Jack, so I ran the testplan. It did solve the 2 ports problem, now I only see 1. However the sketch still wont upload to the zpuino with the same message as before (see attached)
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    You have several defines you can use. On all boards, ZPU is defined. On 2.0 boards, ZPU20 is also defined. You can also check for specific boards. Foe example, __ZPUINO_PAPILIO_DUO__ is defined in Papilio DUO boards, and __ZPUINO_PAPILIO_PRO__ in Papilio Pro boards. You can inspect platform.txt and boards.txt for ZPUino, as shipped in DesignLab, for more details: https://github.com/GadgetFactory/DesignLab/blob/master/hardware/zpuino/zpu20/boards.txt https://github.com/GadgetFactory/DesignLab/blob/master/hardware/zpuino/zpu20/platform.txt Alvie