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    Just been giving the new bit file a run through - I think we're pretty much there, I've listened to a few tunes and I can't spot any obvious issues! Well done guys, mightily impressed with the coding and turnaround time on these issues! I've noticed also since the direct register writing fix, the timing seems to be better. I think previously all the unnecessary writing to ram and then copying to registers was slowing down the ZPUino player too much, seems to sound a lot tighter now. Just as an aside, although my primary interest is for a standalone SID / POKEY / YM MIDI synth module (a hardware version of Plogue chipsounds is basically what I'm after!), I'm wondering from the papilio arcade side of the house, is there a desire to produce a full C64 as an output - a full SID with filters is obviously a big (and most exciting!) part, the PLA/CIAs are dead easy though the VIC-II would take some work (although obviously there's other HDL out there already for that)? Well done guys