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    Ok, i have a 0.99 version, that displays a cube in 256x240x60Hz with only small glitches (from the fixed point arithmetic) and BRAM-stored model, easily changeable through data2mem. The gpu pipeline runs at 32 MHz. I still have to make the various parameters (number of points, number of triangles, parameters of the projection matrix) configurable as well, and do some pipelining optimization : right now, the core won't run at 64 MHz, and I'm targeting ~100MHz to display complex models @ 512x480x60 Hz. All code and bit file (for P+, vga on AL) on https://github.com/ben0109/Papilio-3d
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    I've been inspired! I'm going to give a Wolf3d style ray casting a crack. I've spent a few hours bashing up C code to generate a sample image and verify the algorithm: http://hamsterworks.co.nz/mediawiki/index.php/Ray_cast Looking good so far... now to stop using floating point and convert it all to fixed point integer :-(