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    Hello, I would like to have some expert opinion about the latest iOS app installers that are in place. Many popular apps have flooded the online world , out of these , two are the most popular ones. One of that is TweakBox App - official link - https://tweak-box.com and other is Emu4iOS - official link - https://emu4iosdownload.com . Can somebody please confirm of these sites are not malware. regards, Mike
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    As an iphone user, i always seek for a free app installer without jail breaking my device, i finally found the solution to my problem. tweakbox is my Savior! I have now the access to my favorite tweaked apps and games that apple did not allow to their app store and even many paid apps are also available.
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    I finally got around to making a github repository where I've started to collect my FPGA projects together in one place. https://github.com/james10952001 These are mostly arcade related although I did add a recreation of the Heathkit ET-3400 microprocessor trainer. I still have not had a chance to fix the Xilinx ISE installation on my laptop so I haven't ported any of these to the Papilio yet but doing so should be very easy, it's all as platform agnostic as possible.