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  2. Hallo, I have simple problem with the output of signal in the schematic of Xilinx. I've started Xilinx from the simple default Blink file and wand to connect the clk_96Mhz from the ZPUino Soft Processor to D12 of the Pinout. Everything I tried is going to be an error. Can someone explain me how to do this; ore have a good “tutorial” which is using the Papilio. I want to do this in the schematics to understand how to do this.
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  4. Contradiction in description

    The description (on '') text for Papilio PRO "says": Channel A is connected to the Papilio Pro in an Asynchronous serial UART configuration that is capable of speeds up to 2MHz. Channel B is connected to the JTAG pins of the Papilio Pro and provides very fast programming of the FPGA (500mS). But I think that the USB schematic right below the text "says" the reverse. The JTAG-s go to ADBUS0..3, TXD abd RXD go to BDBUS0..1. And so says the published complete schematics for Papilio PRO. I am designing an own board based on ideas from the Papilio PRO schematics. I would rather really use Channel B for JTAG and channel A for data transfer. For then I can, with FT2232H as USB ctircuit, use synchronous FIFO245 for general data transfer. Only Channel A (FT2232H) supports synchronous FIFO245. How is the FPGA code uploaded into the flash? Is it all over the JTAG interface, or is it by implanting an application which reads data from the UART (RS) channel, writing them into the flash memory word by word? If the second is the truth, can Developement Studio handle the "reversed" USB addresses (COM ports, or...?)?
  5. P+ driving a recycled junked laptop LCD

    Carter Lee, Here is the latest design that we have for an HDMI wing. We have confirmed that it works, and I actually manufactured 100 of these, and Alvie has this working with the ZPUino soft processor. But sadly, we never found the time to properly release this wing so it is just sitting around. I mentioned in another post that if you send us your shipping information at I will send you one of these wings to play with for free. Jack. BPW5047-HDMI.brd
  6. Hello Pooyan, Awesome! Great work. Hopefully you can get permission to share with the community. I'd love to check out a bitfile, is it targeting the Papilio DUO 512K and Classic Computing Shield? Also, Alvie added filters to the version of the C64 SID chip that we have available. Jack.
  7. Hello Henrik, Have you had any luck with running downloading DesignLab and loading some of the examples to the Papilio board? That might be a good place to start to make sure that there are no unexpected hardware issues lurking beneath the surface. If you can run the Papilio DUO Quickstart and some of the other Demos such as VGA output then that might help get us on the right track. It is also where the latest version of the Retrocade Synth software can be found. Jack.
  8. Porting libraries: Pin/SPI assignments

    Hello, There is no official guide to doing something like this but I can help you through the process. But there are several different ways this can be done and we will need to narrow in to a specific method before determining the correct pin numbers for what you want to do. So can you provide more information about how you want to do this? Are you using a Papilio DUO or a Papilio Pro. Do you want to use the AVR chip of the DUO or do you want to use the ZPUino soft processor? Thanks, Jack.
  9. HDMI input

    Hello Carter Lee, I don't think that Hamster has any of these HDMI Wings available yet. But I have a newer version available that I can send to you, as long as you don't mind any documentation or support... If that is ok then send us an email with your shipping information at Thanks, Jack.
  10. Need a new name for a new CPU

    I would like to name it as Thunderstorm or a Blizzard or Hurricane ! If it would have feature of remote accessibility such as virtual desktops i would named it as "VirtualStorm" Adrian Gates Sr. Cloud Expert - CloudDesktopOnline
  11. Sounds good ! Since its an extraordinary project it would be better if it would stream live videos over a virtual desktop or something like that which is a next-gen technology Adrian Gates Cloud Expert - Apps4Rent
  12. Introducing a new project - GadgetBox!

    Have you ever tried access your Arduino programming tools remotely on a citrix vdi ? Does it supports debugging? Adrian Gates Sr. Developer
  13. Thanks everyone for your help and sorry for the long inactivity -- I just pushed this to the side and the papilio has been catching dust for half a year. What I tried since the last posts: - Got a second Retrocade Megawing -> same issues with that, so it's not the extension board - tried the whole thing on my work laptop with Linux64 instead of Win10/64, which was the only system I had on all of my personal machines - set up an extra machine with Win7/32, since I figured the whole Papilio Platform seems to like 32 bit OSes - also tried your loader, Felix -> behaves the same - and, lastly, a different USB cable When I load the bitfiles from the Win7 machine, I actually get Audio output and it even reacts to MIDI, but the firmware seems to behave erratic. LCD contrast is barely readeble (the "lcd contrast fix" bitfile doesn't display any text at all). One time it always played a high note when I released all keys from the midi keyboard. Songs from the menu always restart playback every 1/2 second while in the menu and play back normally when I switch to the next menu. Writing the firmware to SPI flash takes about 262 seconds (SPI exec time; scan, erase and verify enabled), is that a normal time? Best Regards, Henrik
  14. Hi forum, First time posting here, I have a dv6120us, motherboard part number 434723-001. A little while ago, the fan on my laptop started malfunctioning, it wouldn't turn on at all. Neither would the computer shut down from overheating. After taking the motherboard out, I discovered a blown transistor. I know how to change this, but I do not have the motherboard schematic with the information on this particular transistor PQ51( Have a further understanding of transistor and its functions and characteristics=> Does anyone have the schematic that can give me the info I need to get the replacement? I would hate to replace the entire motherboard for a simple fix like this... Thanks
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  16. P+ driving a recycled junked laptop LCD

    Dear alex It's been a so long time, But I do want to implement HDMI to my FPGA. But I need your HDMI PCB file, Can you send me a HDMI PCB files?
  17. broken/gone?

    Just been able to test the Links and they also work fine for me. Thank you guys
  18. broken/gone?

    Blog and wiki are working for me again! Thanks! Was it a DNS issue? If so, it may take some time for all the changes to propagate everywhere.
  19. broken/gone?

    I'm still getting the same, not fixed from here
  20. broken/gone?

    Thanks for the heads up guys we got that fixed please let us know if you still see any error.
  21. broken/gone?

    I'm afraid i have to confirm that. Some really strange stuff seems to be going on there. Getting redirected to PayPal after ignoring EVERY, probably well founded, Malware/Virus warning and clicking the skip ad button on . Anyone got an update on that matter maybe? Best regards to everybody! Corbi
  22. HDMI input

  23. broken/gone?

    I have tried again....unfortunately the site....either from Google or from the links in the Papilio IDE are still taking me to the Incorrect Pages.....also......I'm getting VIRUS warnings from my installed Virus careful!
  24. VHDL processes

    Thanks Thomas, appreciate the feedback. In hindsight I shouldn't have used a combinatorial circuit as my example, because my question was meant to be specifically about processes. From your feedback, and what I've seen elsewhere, it sounds like I'm over-thinking things and worrying about issues that aren't as important as I thought they were. And that's fine, because that's also a perfectly valid answer to my question, so thanks again!
  25. broken/gone?

    I'm the same, I sent an email to them yesterday to make them aware, one minute it was there the next it wasn't
  26. Hey everybody, I was starting to look at the Papilio Duo wikis again because I finally have time to start working with mine again, and it looks like something is up. seems to be 302-redirecting to which is some sketchy looking URL shortener that appears to lead to nowhere. Anybody know what's up?
  27. This is likely a daft question, but the website seems to be broken right now so off we go to the forums. I'm trying to port the USB Host library ( ). It uses the fairly typical avrpins.h, and further has a bunch of SPI glue in usbhost.h Is there a guide somewhere on porting arduino libraries? At a high level it's looking for arduino pin names like pd5, which don't appear to have an obvious analog (that I saw anyway). The SPI code also seems to expect explicit pin assignments but the spi examples seem to derive their pinouts from a single wing constant Specific snippits, for those uninterested in digging through github sources: SPI setup // ... #elif defined(__AVR_ATmega168__) || defined(__AVR_ATmega328P__) typedef SPi< Pb5, Pb3, Pb4, Pb2 > spi; #endif avrpins.h //... #elif defined(__AVR_ATmega32U4__) // Arduino Leonardo pin numbers #define P0 Pd2 // D0 - PD2 #define P1 Pd3 // D1 - PD3 #define P2 Pd1 // D2 - PD1 /...
  28. VHDL processes

    Basically all your above variants will result in the same circuit on synthesis, because the processes will completely disappear and only the logic equations will remain. For such simple combinatorial logic the process statement is completely superfluous, you could just write the equations after the begin of your architecture section. For more complex circuits some hints: processes must be used for synchronous circuits (which depend on some clock signal as the only signal in the dependency list). processes can be used for combinatorial circuits (not depending on a clock) when the logic is to complex to be easily written with combinatorical statements. Be aware that the dependency list is a common source of error. How to organize processes is partly a matter of taste, but some restrictions should be observed: Every signal can only be set in one process, otherwise it will be a „multi driven net“ Synthesis tools often require specific patterns to „infer“ some logic (e.g. a RAM) from the description. Mixing some custom additional logic into the same process can confuse them. I usually group together things which belong together. For simulation it may depend on the simulator, but I think the total complexity of the circuit is the key factor for computing time, so don’t bother. To my personal experience the best coding style is the one which allows you to understand your code a year later. This applies to every code in any language not just VHDL. A usuable (far away from perfect) tutorial for VHDL is the „free range VHDL“ eBook, it is also linked somewhere on Gadgetfactory... Thomas
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