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Papilio Pro + LogicStart audio bit file

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Do you have a .bit file for the Papilio Pro + LogicStart that plays some audio?

Something weird is going on here, and starting with a known good .bit file would help



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just checked the GF github.


the ArcadeBlaster app supports the LogicStart for the PacMan game.. so you should be able to run the Pong demo on it.

you will need java 

irc you just open up settings in the UI and choose the right board then select pong and load game. (if no sound, try finding pacman since i dont 

remember if the pong demo has sound)


there is a youtube video that shows you how to use it.. 


you can try my ROMVault Papilio Edition, but iirc i didnt bother adding in the LogicStart files since only PacMan hardware is supported


if you have issues, let me know and i see if i can be of further assistance..



let us know how you get on


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DesignLab should also have some audio examples that will work with the LogicStart MegaWing audio output. They are ZPUino examples, not straight VHDL examples.


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On Windows 8 ArcadeBlaster didn't seem to work properly. I installed it on a Windows XP VM, but I didn't manage to get PacMan (or any other thing, IIRC) working on a Papilio Pro + LogicStart.

I managed to get the DesignLab working on Windows XP (I didn't try it on newer Windows versions), and I tested that the audio DAC on my LogicStart is still working. I thought I had managed to blew it up somehow (although I don't know how I would blow up an RC filter), but it's working all right. (The audio jack doesn't seem to like stereo plugs though, if you insert the jack fully it only plays the mono audio on one side...)

Now I have to figure out why the audio doesn't work correctly on my own RTL... I figured out the original problem (I had used the sox program to convert all my audio files to a known 8-bit 11K bitrate raw format, but I hadn't specified unsigned PCM, and my delta-sigma logic was using unsigned integers) but while diagnosing this issue the sound started playing at an extremely low volume and with an high pitch noise, and I'm not figuring out what's wrong... and I didn't keep a commit with the original design >< ...)

Thanks for the help!

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