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Super Glob sort of works, but has slight graphics glitches.

MAME Set : sprglbpg

Anyone have any idea?

This is the same problem that I am seeing on Jumpshot, JumpshotP and Pac-Plus.

I thought it may be a dipswitch problem, but i don't have the /dev environment

set up to test.

:: Arcade Blaster XML Entries for Super Glob ::

<!-- wip has slight graphics glitches -->
<game name="Super Glob (German Bootleg)" id="sprglbpg">
<publisher>Midway Mfg Co</publisher>
<description>Super Glob (German Bootleg)</description>
<fileset primary="true">
<group name="maincpu" size="4000">
<rom file="ic8.1" offset="0" size="1000" crc="a2df2073" sha1="14c55186053b080de06cc3691111ede8b2ead231" />
<rom file="ic7.2" offset="1000" size="1000" crc="3d2c22d9" sha1="2f1d27e49850f904d1f2256bfcf00557ed88bb16" />
<rom file="ic15.3" offset="2000" size="1000" crc="a252047f" sha1="9fadbb098b86ee98e1a81da938316b833fc26912" />
<rom file="ic14.4" offset="3000" size="1000" crc="7efa81f1" sha1="583999280623f02dcc318a6c7af5ee6fc46144b8" />
<group name="gfx1" size="2000">
<rom file="ic92.5" offset="0" size="1000" crc="E54F484D" sha1="4FEB9EC917C2467A5AC531283CB00FE308BE7775" />
<group name="82s1261m" size="100">
<rom file="ic51.prm" offset="0" size="100" crc="c29dea27" sha1="563c9770028fe39188e62630711589d6ed242a66" />
<group name="82s1263m" size="100">
<rom file="ic70.prm" offset="100" size="100" crc="77245b66" sha1="0c4d0bee858b97632411c440bea6948a74759746" />
<group name="82s1237f" size="20">
<rom file="ic78.prm" offset="0" size="20" crc="1f617527" sha1="448845cab63800a05fcb106897503d994377f78f" />
<group name="82s1264a" size="100">
<rom file="ic88.prm" offset="20" size="100" crc="28faa769" sha1="7588889f3102d4e0ca7918f536556209b2490ea1" />
<!-- Uses groups as input and creates intermediate mem files by name specified in file atribute-->
<generate src="82s1261m" file="prom1_dst" parameters="entity=PROM1_DST;addrbits=9" />
<generate src="82s1264a" file="prom4_dst" parameters="entity=PROM4_DST;addrbits=8" />
<generate src="82s1237f" file="prom7_dst" parameters="entity=PROM7_DST;addrbits=4" />
<generate src="gfx1" file="gfx1" parameters="entity=GFX1;addrbits=13" />
<generate src="maincpu" file="rom0" parameters="entity=ROM_PGM_0;addrbits=14" />
<generate src="gfx1" file="rom1" parameters="entity=ROM_PGM_1;addrbits=13" />
<!-- Uses output of (file attribute) from generate tag. Sequence is important! -->
<assembly name="pacman_merged">
<piece file="prom1_dst" tag="rom_audio1m" />
<piece file="prom4_dst" tag="rom_col4a" />
<piece file="prom7_dst" tag="rom_col7f" />
<piece file="gfx1" tag="rom_gfx1" />
<piece file="rom0" tag="rom_code" />
<!--piece file="rom1" tag="rom_wiz" /-->

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Yeah, it could be dip switches or the reset button, or joystick buttons. I'll have to take a look and see if it reminds me of anything I saw while trying to get everything to work in the beginning.

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The place I've noticed that is in Pacman during the cutscene. It doesn't appear to happen anywhere else in the game. For what it's worth, I ported the original code from fpgaarcade.com to my Spartan3E starter kit and the problem does not occur, so it's something specific to the Papilio implementation. Does it occur on the Papilio Pro as well?


I figured there would be speed issues in attempting to use a serial EEPROM but I wasn't sure about the actual numbers. My thought with using a parallel flash, given sufficient IO, is that one could use it only to store the program ROMs or whatever is the largest ROM memory block. This eliminates the speed issues caused by trying to double dip into the same ROM to use it for different parts of the circuit. That way you still use some of the BRAM, but you offload some of the ROM to an external chip, saving enough space to allow bigger games to run. I like that better than using a gigantic FPGA just to get enough BRAMs.

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its very noticeable on "Pac-Man Plus" and "Jumpshot"


I am not sure if it occurs on the ppro as i haven't updated my scripts to work with the latest and greatest on jack's github.

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