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  1. Hello, Finally, I've tried to install it on another computer with Win8 and it's good now! Thanks.
  2. Hi again, I've tried to unmount the wing from the Papilio and have re-plugged them together. Now after having plugged the usb wire, the screen is blinking differently: the upper row is blinking with a very good contrast (16 squares), the lower row of the screen is blinking lightly too as previously but 16 squares this time. So I've repeated the same procedure as before but nothing happens when I launch the Papilio loader. Many thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Hi I've just received the Retrocade with the Papilio Pro. No problem with the windows installer 1.3 setup on Win XP. Then I plug the papilio afer having plugged the wing on it. I opened "Start/Gadget Factory/RetroCade Synth/Install Retrocade 1.3 firmware - with LCD Contrast fix" (I haven't got "Upgrade to RetroCade-[Version] Bit File" as described in the file "Welcome to the RetroCade Synth.docx"). Papilio Loader 2.8 appears: with - "Auto-detect onboard FPGA device" / - the target .bit file defined - I've selected "run" Here the lower part of the screen is blinking (15 squares)... after 15 minutes, it's still the same - no information is indicated on Papilio Loader2.8. I've tried another usb cable on various usb port... it is the same. I've tried expert mode, no information is indicated on Papilio Loader2.8.. May I do something wrong, please tell me. Many thanks in advance for your help.