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  1. Hello, Is the Gateman Poly and SK Synth project still up and running? If so, can we have the "Papilio Loader" as for the Upgrade of the Retrocade Version 1.3? THX
  2. Hello My problem is resolved Sorry for the late reply. I always the problem of notes attached to the channel 2-6, only when I instrument changes on the channel 1 ... Even with the update 1.3 Otherwise it's a great gadget you created Jack. Thank you
  3. Hello, I purchased a retrocade and I'm a noob in programming. I did something wrong and when I redid the V1.1 update. I have a SID that throughout my channels ... When I did the first update, I had everything ... Do you know a way that I can find all the sounds? Thank you
  4. Hello, I just ordered my kit retrocade megawing synth. I'll use a Yamaha RS7000 with I am very very excited to receive it. I'll make you a feedback when I have tested. BYE BYE