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  1. Hi, How can I access the on-board SRAM space directly in designlab? I could not find the offset address of external memory anywhere... regards.
  2. Accessing SRAM area in DesignLab

    Any answer is appreciated!
  3. Loading the SPI Flash on the Papilio Pro

    Thank you magnus. I can now figure out why your bscan works and the others not! I have the same conditions on my board: Qspi flash and weak pull-Ups. regards,
  4. Loading the SPI Flash on the Papilio Pro

    magnus, Thank you for the point. I checked it with the bscan files under /bscan_spi_spartan6 inside your git repo (Tools_src). it worked without any problem! But It does not work with papilioprog bscan files!! Update: Altought the configuration files can be successfully programed on the spi flash thanks to new bscan files, but the zpuinoprogrammer fails to identify the flash! while with the old bscan, it does not have this issue!
  5. Loading the SPI Flash on the Papilio Pro

    I have recently experienced this issue with my SPI flash on my own custom board. I was able to program it just a couple days ago, but now it fails with the exactly same error: Uknown Flash Manufacturer (0x00) Error: SPI Status Register [0x00] mismatch (Wrong device or device not ready).. The interesting point is that it can be programmed by xilinx IMPACT without any problem, So I dont think that this could be a hardware issue. my software is FPGAprog from magnus with a little modification to support Winbond parts. the code is very similar to papilio-loader although. any idea please?
  6. microSD write issue

    Hi. I have ported my custom board to designlab and have run various desginlab examples on it. One problem I could not solve yet is writing files to SD card usign SD examples. The sd card could successfully being initialized and even list the files inside it. but the file open and write fails. any suggestion to solve this is appreciated!
  7. microSD write issue

    You can also update the sd example sketches.
  8. microSD write issue

    Thank you so much. It solved the issue!
  9. microSD write issue

    Alvie, thanks for the replay, yes, Only write is not working. I am able to read the files easily. but I cant open any file for writing. for instance, the "readwrite" example initializes the SD successfully, but it fails at "opening test.txt" step. Although If I manually create the "test.txt" file on the microSD (by connecting it to my PC via a memory-reader), It passes the write step (no write actually!) and reads the contents of test.txt successfully! I didn't know that at-all! How can I enable it?
  10. Connecting VGA with jumper wires

    have you connected +3.3 and +5V signals as well as the GND between megawing and papilio pro?
  11. load sketch into SPI flash

    Is it possible to load the sketch into SPI flash, along with the .bit file in designlab? (It is possible for microblaze in ISE). regards.
  12. microSD write issue

    any body had tested microSD wing, please let me know if there is any special trick here. regards,
  13. load sketch into SPI flash

    Interesting... Thank you jack. So the bootloader automatically looks into SPI flash in the boot time and loads the software code into the RAM?
  14. Hi, I wonder why I am getting this strange error while I am trying to Burn bootloader to my board in designlab? Arduino: 1.0.8 (Windows 8), Board: "Papilio DUO FPGA 512KB - ZPUino" Error while burning bootloader. java.lang.NullPointerException at cc.arduino.packages.uploaders.SerialUploader.burnBootloader( at$ at java.awt.event.InvocationEvent.dispatch(Unknown Source) at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEventImpl(Unknown Source) at java.awt.EventQueue.access$200(Unknown Source) at java.awt.EventQueue$ Source) at java.awt.EventQueue$ Source) at Method) at$1.doIntersectionPrivilege(Unknown Source) at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent(Unknown Source) at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForFilters(Unknown Source) at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForFilter(Unknown Source) at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForHierarchy(Unknown Source) at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(Unknown Source) at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(Unknown Source) at Source)
  15. strange error while burning bootloader

    After watching the Designlab introduction tutorial videos, I did not see any usage for "Burn bootloader"! Is it an option that works only for programming the AVR chip in Papilio DUO board? If so, is there any way to burn the bootloader for those sketches that are not associated with any Hardware project (e.g. blink example) in designlab IDE? (actually a way other than loading the .bit file manually to the FPGA). regards.
  16. Building ZPUino on Windows

    Thank you. It is solved now.
  17. Building ZPUino on Windows

    I'm trying to build ZPUino on my windows machine with Cygwin, ISE and perl installed on. I downloaded the last version of ZPUino-HDL from alvie's git repo, then I started by 'Make'ing the content of 'papilio-pro/../designlab' folder, but at the first stage, I encountered this error: ERROR:Xst:2927 - "\ZPUino-HDL-master\zpu\hdl\zpuino\boards\papilio-pro\S6LX9\variants\designlab\ZPUino_Papilio_Pro_V2_blackbox.prj" line 6: Source file ../../../../../prescaler.vhd does not exist I can find the prescaler.vhd under '/lib' folder. So, Maybe I am not using the most recent version of repository. Please help me what's wrong? regards. Edit: Even after fixing the above issue by setting files path manually, I got other errors: ERROR:HDLCompiler:432 - "D:\ZPUino-HDL-master_alvie\ZPUino-HDL-master\zpu\hdl\zpuino\boards\posedge_one\S6LX9\variants\designlab\posedge_one_top.vhd" Line 720: Formal <m_wb_cti_i> has no actual or default value. INFO:HDLCompiler:1408 - "D:\ZPUino-HDL-master_alvie\ZPUino-HDL-master\zpu\hdl\zpuino\zpuinopkg.vhd" Line 83. m_wb_cti_i is declared here I wonder if there is anything wrong in my setup or it is a source code issue?
  18. Working on Papilio Nano

    Jack, Do you use automatic assembly for your boards or house-assembly? And just as a suggestion: Wouldn't it be better if you length-match all IO pins to each other? It may be possible that someone wants to design a high-speed peripheral (e.g. HDMI wing) for papilio nano in the future and it comes handy then.
  19. Working on Papilio Nano

    Jack, May I ask why did you prefer mini-usb rather than micro-usb? As the micro-usb is more rigid in terms of plug-unplug cycles compared with mini-usb (10,000 vs 5000). [link]
  20. Working on Papilio Nano

    great work! Can it be used along with xilinx tools (like papilio-due)? did you check the price with the manufactures? I am very eager to hear more about manufacturing steps involved in such a project.
  21. Hi, I am trying to use ZPUino on my own custom board. I've picked ZPUino_Papilio_DUO blackbox, created a top level module accordingly and finally modified the .UCF file. As my board has a 24 MHz crystal oscillator, I instantiated a DCM block and converted 24MHz to 32MHz and fed the clk_32 signal (output of DCM) to ZPUino_Papilio_DUO_blackbox. After a successful synthesize, In the Translate step I got the following error: logical net 'XLXI_82/clk_32' has multiple driver(s): pin CLKFX on block XLXI_82/inst_clk_24to32/dcm_clkgen_inst with type DCM_CLKGEN, pin PAD on block XLXI_82/clk_32 with type PAD I also disabled the BUFG on DCM to see if this is the source of error, but still no chance! any help is appreciated.
  22. Thank you Jack, As you mentioned correctly, the Buffers lining-up in series was causing this problem. I removed the extra DCM and modified the PLL coefficients in previous clkgen module and the problem wiped out! Regards.
  23. External programmer needed?

    Hi, Although all papilio-Dues have the same hardware, I am very curious to know why papilio-due's ability to be programmed in xilinx impact (using digilent plugin) is marked as an unsupported feature that works for some board on may not works for some others? regards.
  24. External programmer needed?

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately i could not find any tutorial about using papilio (and other similar boards like pipistrello) in Xilinx Impact using Digilent plugin. May anyone provide me (and many others that may have the same issue) more detailed information? p.s: Sorry, I dont know if publishing answer regarding using digilent plugin to access non-digilent usb-jtag programmers has legal issues or not, but as far as i know, i did not sign any agreement with digilent which forced me not to use their plugin without their own hardware! so, i don't think asking this question in the public forum (and answering it) causes problem to anyone. Please let me know if i am wrong. Thanks.
  25. External programmer needed?

    Jack, Unfortunately i do not have any exprience regarding this issue. I just see the following statement in the papilio hardware guide page which raised this question in my mind: