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  1. Cool, I need to get that stuff up, and start my retrocade again. Have ordered some usb-midi cables to see if I can control it that way
  2. And Pro is fully supported as well?
  3. So with the new designlab 1.0.7, all of the stuff for retrocade is ported and running with all fixes ? I have papilio pro+retrocade, but seemed like the retrocade project derailed for some time ago, but since Duo is finished, maybe there is hope that retrocade will work again. And, is the retrocade compatible with the Duo?
  4. Did this happen?
  5. So it needs atleast an LX25?, on the de0, they said that one need to remove some of the character rom, to be able to make it fit, removing core's might defeat the purpose somewhat? Would be interresting to see what performance one could get on the pipistrello.. So the de0 is infact bigger than the spartan after all?, hm..
  6. I found that Parallax have opensourced its propeller1, with verilog files and all, wonder how this will work on the papilio/pipistrello?
  7. Dangerousprototypes have also have rounds and rounds about this usb problem:
  8. Teensy 3.1 switched from black to green due to problems with the soldermask..
  9. Aggreed, i ripped off the USB connector on my Mojo which is black pcb, and it's almost impossible to see where the traces go for repair.. It kinda looks cool though, But I like the red color better.
  10. Wonder what they did on this then?
  11. Lot of discussions about this on dangerousprototypes and Nick from ArachnidLabs also tried: But, if you are using pic or ftdi chips, I thought you where allowed to use theirs vid/pid?
  12. Have you seen this?
  13. 1) switcing to xml enables other software to read the files, not locked in to cadsoft anymore. 2) Really two year old mac cannot run this?, my computer is from 2007 and runs it very smooth..
  14. aha, I just remembered the wiggles on the Pipistrello, I thought Eagle and such could make such differential pairs. Is it only important to match each pair, or all pairs for say hdmi?
  15. Is the length of the traces equal on the differential pairs?, looks like some are longer?