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  1. Thanks guys, and yes, you have my permission to use the my ROMs with the Arcade Blaster
  2. Hi All, If you remember, a while back I was working on making a game for PacMan hardware, here is that game. It was my re-write from scratch of Manic Miner for PacMan hardware. You will need to add a definition to the arcade loader, but you can get the ROMs here. Cheers, Jim.
  3. I've got it sussed now, thanks all Quite easy when you know how eh? haha Jim.
  4. Thanks hamster, I'll have a look at that! Cheers, Jim.
  5. Are there any tutorials on setting the Clk frequencies?
  6. Thanks Felix
  7. Can I put my name down for one of these too?
  8. Hi All, First I'd like to say thanks for the Arcade Blaster app, it's made it a lot easier so thanks all involved. I've also written my first arcade game, running on the Pacman Hardware, which is my re-write of ManicMiner from the ZX Spectrum. Unfortunately, you may have to wait a little while for the Roms, as I'd like to reveal it at the PlayExpo in October. or if enough interest, I may release on here sooner.