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  1. something like this? https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/72/33/d0/7233d0cb1ff1079a6f72d135d0c042dc.jpg
  2. i agree. separate the programming hw from the rest of the nano. that way you should be able to produce a cheaper board. and a separate board that can be used to program multiple nano's. probably a good idea to ship the nano with a USB core preloaded too...
  3. reset issue?
  4. not a problem
  5. ok. he fixed it
  6. i sent jack an email asking...
  7. iirc, pacman had no sound in "attract mode" but i am not 100% sure. one of the other games has no sound at all also. iirc something to do missing sound cpu (lack of resources i think). would have to check emails from 2014.
  8. using bash for windows on a fresh download from github ::: root@FELIX-DELL:/mnt/c/Users/Felix/Downloads/ROMVault/ROMVault# md5sum `find . -name "*DUO*bit"` ec1fffb032079808c647a531daaec4d4 ./ROMVault2/Stage/papilio/bscanSPI/XC6SLX9-DUO.bit root@FELIX-DELL:/mnt/c/Users/Felix/Downloads/ROMVault/ROMVault# not sure where that other XC6SLX9-DUO.bit came from..
  9. autodetect relies on the output of papilio-prog since it says unknown flash, i am guessing we should talk to @Jack Gassett since i don't know what causes that... i am guessing papilio-loader-gui settings you are using loads to fpga instead of flash which is why you dont see the issue there. just tell romvault to program game to FPGA instead of Flash for now? bottom right side , above the "Save" button, in the dropdown, change Flash to FPGA or sudo ./papilio/tools/linux/papilio-prog -v -f /home/skip/ROMVault-Papilio/papilio/_tmp/processed.bit btw you dont have to run it as root. there is a thread on forum that talks about it http://gadgetfactory.net/learn/2013/09/18/howto-papilio-loader-gui-on-linux/ you may have to adjust it a bit but you should be able to figure it out .. probably just stuff under "No Root Required!" need to be done
  10. thanks for the file Skip. let me know how the rest goes. //F
  11. Jose? who is that lol.. there is only one person who calls me Jose and he is kind of a d!ck .. either way try loading to FPGA instead of Flash. 1) its quicker 2) after the file loads to flash, you have to trigger fpga reconfig. try loading the bitfile as normal then disconnect/connect the papilio board. if new bitfile shows up then the reconfigure command needs tweaked. also there seems to be a space missing in the argument to papilio-prog - - ARG: -v -f/home/skip/ROMVault-Papilio/papilio/_tmp/processed.bit -b "/home/skip/ROMVault-Papilio/papilio/bscanSPI/XC6SLX9-DUO.bit" -sa -r change Papilio.cs line 807 from string prog_args = string.Concat (" -v -f", bitfileFilename, .......... etc to string prog_args = string.Concat (" -v -f ", bitfileFilename, .......... etc notice the extra space after the -f that should fix all your issues. i will commit a fix to my git later on i committed a fix just now for the -f issue. will need to see about the 32 bit vs 64 bit issue though. unless you want to send me yours (i assume those are statically linked?) btw, the library function works as such.. you select "save .bit" and it will add the file to the library. next time you can load from library so no need to run the various PScript (Papilio Script) directives to reassemble the game. this is especially useful on atari 2600 as those take longer to do (due to the fact that i have to scan the rom code to *guess* what kind of bank switching scheme it uses and select the proper hardware profile)
  12. it tries to run the linux version so " ./tools/linux/papilio-prog " there should be a directory called _tmp see if there is a generated bitfile there. you should be able to load it manually. if you cant find it, i would go to the top of the romgen stuff and do find | grep -i processed.bit then ./tools/linux/papilio-prog -v -f /path/to/processed.bit if you find it, you should be able to load it by hand and we can see about fixing the code alternately , find the file Papilio.cs in this function private void papilioParsePapilioScript (RvDir tGame) around line 848 is this line bool debugMode = false; change to bool debugMode = true; rebuild and try again. the log should now show what its trying to do
  13. linux support was added by @mandl however if i had to guess did you run the "cmake ../" command? since it installed to /usr/local/ROMVault-Papilio the unsorted directory should actually be /usr/local/ROMVault-Papilio/ROMVault2/Stage/Unsorted or some such. i dont actually have an ubuntu setup (i much prefer CentOS but i havent tried there either) so cant test. however if you are willing to work with me, instead of disappearing like the last guy who asked for my help, i can add in a bit of debug code and we can find out where it is looking for the files/directories and get it working in case anyone else has issues. what you think? I haven't actually touched that source since I released it due to lack of interest/feedback from all but 1 person.
  14. thanks for the schematic links. wish i could help but only way would be to use the scopes @ work and i am sure that work would not appreciate it at all