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  1. thanks for the feedback
  2. not sure what to suggest other than trying out Vlait's project to check the SD card interface.
  3. thats the only part that looks odd to me. try programming it from the command line? as for afaik that was never completed
  4. just checked the GF github. the ArcadeBlaster app supports the LogicStart for the PacMan game.. so you should be able to run the Pong demo on it. you will need java irc you just open up settings in the UI and choose the right board then select pong and load game. (if no sound, try finding pacman since i dont remember if the pong demo has sound) there is a youtube video that shows you how to use it.. you can try my ROMVault Papilio Edition, but iirc i didnt bother adding in the LogicStart files since only PacMan hardware is supported if you have issues, let me know and i see if i can be of further assistance.. let us know how you get on
  5. cant annotate in github ?
  6. gotcha. the "factory" bitfile
  7. @fpga_guy - glad you got it sorted out. "golden" bit file ? @Jack Gassett - thanks. will dig out the p500 later and add it or make different test bed. and test with the PPro make sure it works as intended. (iirc it does though as Quickstart-Papilio_Pro_LX9-v1.5.bit is included in the archive and the menu as an option #2 [Load Factory Bitfile])
  8. I dont use the papilio loader but to help narrow it down, to see if its a software issue, if you have the arcade megawing for it, you can try https://app.box.com/s/llepjs55uugtrk59fkbtemb5qw77z1eg (its a test bed i made for jack for the PDUO but should work with the PPro also.. at least the video part) or look at the batch file in it, and see the last line where it reconfigures the fpga and run that command after loading your bitfile. @Jack Gassett - can we put this somewhere where i dont have to search through 2-3 years worth of posts / email to find it ?
  9. welcome to the jungle
  10. something like this? https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/72/33/d0/7233d0cb1ff1079a6f72d135d0c042dc.jpg
  11. i agree. separate the programming hw from the rest of the nano. that way you should be able to produce a cheaper board. and a separate board that can be used to program multiple nano's. probably a good idea to ship the nano with a USB core preloaded too...
  12. reset issue?
  13. not a problem
  14. ok. he fixed it