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  1. Hi Jack, yes got it. Great things here thanks to your, Felix and other's help. Thumbs up Peter
  2. Hi all, I just fired up Win10 and tried the ROMVault and it works like a charm. Have a nice weekend cheers Peter
  3. Hi Jack, have seen the video and retried. No luck whatsoever... Many thanks for the effort and I guess a lot of users out there will face the problem and find your solution Cheerio Peter
  4. thanks a lot for the hint. I'll try the RomVault and we'll see. I'm able to load any other P500 example so Nice weekend all Cheers Peter
  5. Hi all, I just wondered why my FPGA circuit is not loaded onto the board under Linux. So clicking the Load icon in DesignLab loads a bitfile down but it loads down an empty circuit from the template I guess.. When starting an new FPGA Circuit from DesignLab ISE will use capitalized filenames as e.g. Papilio_One_500K.bit whereas DesignLab obviously tries to find a papilio_one_500k.bit all lower case. Simply renaming from upper to lowercase does the trick. Just in case someone stumbled upon the same issue. Cheers Peter
  6. Hello Jack, yes the VCP is and was checked before. I'll look if I find further clues why it's not working in my win10 Many regards Peter
  7. Hi Jack, no difference either with Arcade Wing or without. Circuit loads and verifies ok. The Quickstart example as a test works with and without Arcade Megawing Cheerio Peter
  8. Hello all, just found my Arcade Mega Wing and tried the DesignLab Example Sketch/Circuit for the Uno 500k and Arcade Mega Wing. Circuit downloaded succesfully into SPI Flash but uploading the sketch gives me a "cannot enter program mode". I read the PDF for the Wing from the Wiki but found no clue whats happening. Anyone any idea? Tnx for reading Peter
  9. Hi Jack, thank you for your effort. I guess something below the surface may have changed in win10. I've both Linux and Win and do most of my things in Linux am happy anyway with Design Lab Cheerio Peter
  10. Hi Jack and thanks for your response. The Win 10 is a clean new setup and no zombie programmer hangng around. When I start the papilio-prog.exe after a minute or so I get a windows crash message. The cmd line shows C:\DesignLab-1.0.7\hardware\tools\papilio\papilio_loader\bin>papilio-prog.exe -c Using devlist.txt readusb: Timeout readusb terminate called after throwing an instance of 'io_exception' This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information. the list com ports tool shows C:\DesignLab-1.0.7\hardware\tools>listComPorts.exe COM4 - Gadget Factory - FTDIBUS\VID_0403+PID_6010+5&DC4A972&0&12&2\0000 COM1 - (Standardanschlusstypen) - ACPI\PNP0501\1 COM3 - Gadget Factory - FTDIBUS\VID_0403+PID_6010+5&DC4A972&0&12&1\0000 Hmmm P.S. just crosschecked with Linux. In Linux the programmer works ok (but design lab gives me a "cannot enter program mode") P.P.S dooh.... I tried the Megawing example without MegaWing attached.... guess that's why "cannot enter program mode" appears. Quickstart works i.e. hardware is fine
  11. Hello all, just found the time to come back to my pap uno 500k and try out the new design lab. I setup a fresh win10 PC, downloaded the webpack ISE and build a little counter circuit. Can't get this thing to download to the FPGA. unkonwn board it says. After installing design lab there was no communication with the board. I removed the installed drivers and let windows reinstall the default drivers and comm works from there on. Sketch download to the zpuino 2 (from former times under Linux) in the flash works well but I've got no success to send the configuration to SPI Flash. For example I tried tried the Megawing Arcade and wait for around 2 minutes. Board type and port are correct (as seen in the lower right corner in Design Lab) After 2 min I get this This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information. Using devlist.txt readusb: Timeout readusb terminate called after throwing an instance of 'io_exception' Unknown Papilio Board The board is attached and 2 Com Ports are shown in the win device manager (COM3 Papilio FPGA serial port and COM4 Papilio serial port). COM4 is choosen Any idea what causes the timeout? Regards and thanks for reading Peter
  12. 2012 starts very good . I'm really impressed of your work Ian and would really appreciate if you could keep us up-to-date... facebook would be great for me!!! I stop my plans buying a pegasus!!!!!! Very exciting All the best for2012 Peter
  13. Hi Lee usually 9 bit isn't supported by any hardware known to me. Have you checked to write two 8 bit words? As far as I remember SPI chips (like Allegro stepper control with 19 bit cmds) all shift out the unused bits. So maybe you try to send 0000 000x yyyy yyyy or other way round if LSB first is used. Just an idea and my first post here and sorry for my bad english Cheers Peter