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  1. Glad to hear you got this working. Jack
  2. Well, I just tried to see if it works on the Papilio Pro and I didn't get a response using the OLS client. I only have about 15 minutes to put into it this morning unfortunately. Here is the latest version, you can unzip it into the libraries folder of your DesignLab installation and then find the Winsbone_Sump_LA/OLS_CLient example under Examples in DesignLab. You will then need to load the circuit to your board, load the sketch, and open the OLS client and try to connect to it. The status that we left off was that it was 80% working and just needed some bugs in the OLS_CLient sketch to be worked out... Development fell off because we discovered that the performance is not that great. The best that we were seeing was about 30Ms/s... Jack. Wishbone_Sump_LA.zip
  3. Sounds great. Jack.
  4. Hello Mr. Minix, I have heard of people reversing the LogicStart MegaWing like in this post: The other option is to go with the Papilio DUO and the LogicStart Shield. The VGA portion of the LogicStart Shield snaps off and gives you access to 16 pins... We are currently out of stock of the DUO right now but will have some 2MBs ready soon, or you can order from Seeed Studio. Jack.
  5. It's weird though, I brought up a fresh OS install using vagrant to pull down an untouched VM image for Ubuntu 16.04 and 16.10 and all I had to do was an "sudo apt-get install default-jre" and run the ubuntu-install.sh file and it worked perfectly. No need to set JAVA_HOME at all. Did you maybe install the JDK instead of the JRE? Maybe that would explain the difference... Jack.
  6. I wonder if maybe it is related to your video card drivers? Here is a discussion about something vaguely related: http://forums.winstep.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8573&p=24560 One of the things they bring up is video card drivers which is not a bad idea to check since it has never happened on any of the systems I've used during development... Jack.
  7. Hello Sleat, That looks annoying, in all the time I have spent developing and working with the IDE I don't recall seeing that happen... Does it go away if you minimize and maximize the app or do an alt-tab to switch between apps quickly? DesignLab was forked from Arduino IDE 1.5.8 so if that was an existing problem with Arduino then it would be brought forward with us. If we can find a commit to the Arduino IDE that solves this problem then we can apply it to DesignLab too. Jack.
  8. I just downloaded and tested Ubuntu 16.04 and 16.10 images. I followed this guide and the only difference was that the install script is called ubuntu-setup.sh now instead of ftdi-user. I also installed the default-jre using apt-get which installed OpenJDK 8 and all went smoothly... Glad you got your working. Jack.
  9. Excellent advice, I got Hamsters OV7670 code working on the Papilio but I did have to rely on the SUMP logic analyzer core to get everything working correctly... It is your best friend with getting something like this working. Otherwise you are flying blind. Jack.
  10. Hello Shahabamo, The problem you are running into is that those variant projects are getting pretty old now. The source code tree has been re-arranged and not all of the variant projects have been updated to reflect the moves. You have two options: Run make in the S6LX9 directory or update the *.prj file in the variant directory to point to the new locations for the source files you are getting errors for. Jack.
  11. Hello Peter, Any luck yet on getting it to run? Java 7 should be the safest version to use... Jack.
  12. Glad you got it worked out Matt. Jack.
  13. Excellent! Glad you are enjoying the journey so far.
  14. Hello Skip, I think the root of the problems you are seeing may be from a misunderstanding about how DesignLab works. I suspect that you are going into the circuit directory and opening the *.xise files directly. That is not going to work, it is important that you open up the Xilinx ISE using the "Load Circuit" icon within DesignLab. DesignLab modifies the xise files and puts all of the correct paths in place when you click the "Load Circuit" icon. If you try to bypass DesignLab and open the xise files directly then you are going to have all types of problems with wrong paths because you are never giving DesignLab the chance to setup the environment... Jack.
  15. Hey Skip, Thank you very much for the pull request, it looks like there are too many auto-generated files that are included though... It makes it hard to determine where the real changes that need to be made reside... I think the best thing at this point is for me to try and re-create what you are seeing. Can you describe the error you get and what you do to get it? Thanks, Jack.