ROMVault - Papilio Edition 2.2.1

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Use ROMVault to determine what Arcade ROMs can run on the Papilio Arcade hardware. Papilio Arcade has support for several types of classic Arcade hardware but it is not always easy to determine what ROMs will actually run on the old hardware. ROMVault takes all of the guesswork out and will even merge and load supported ROMs into pre-synthesized bit files for you. Just provide mame ROMs that you own and ROMVault - Papilio Edition does the rest!

IMPORTANT Note: Please do not use any spaces in the path to the ROMVault installation, it will prevent the application from loading anything to the Papilio board.

Supported boards:

Papilio One 500K with Arcade MegaWing

Papilio DUO with Computing Shield

Papilio One 500K with LogicStart

Papilio Pro with Arcade MegaWing

What's New in Version 2.2.1


  • First published version
  • Windows only for now

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