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  2. my Arduino ide software serial monitor is showing like firmware version : 0x0 = unknown WARNING :Communication failure, is the mfrc522 properly connected ? scan picc to see uid, sak, type, and data blocks....
  3. ChrisHurley

    Everything dead?

    I guess I missed the party? Looks like most things are dead- links are broken, etc... I bought a bunch of Papilio stuff a few years ago and didn't get into it- dragged it out today and its a ghost town...
  4. Hello, I want to hook up a MPL3115A2 pressure transducer sensor and interface it with an Arduino micro-controller. But I have a question. I could set up the display and I can see it is working. The problem is that I get some random numbers, regardless of connecting the sensor or disconnecting the Arduino analog input from it. What might be the problem? Even when nothing is connected to the A0 or any other analog pin, I see the same behaviour. I appreciate any reply and help.
  5. I've wanted to do a little FPGA experimentation for a few years but have been spending my hobby time with SBCs and microcontrollers. Do you have some suggestions?
  6. I tried to start with FPGA programming, but didn't really get my head around it. I found the VHDPlus IDE and with the simple language, embedded libraries and other features it helped me a lot to make some cool projects Just in case someone has the same problem
  7. The Intel/Altera Max 10 FPGA seems a bit easier than most FPGA's. It has internal Clock, internal Flash and internal SRAM. Intel also deliver dedicated power solution for easy implementation. It also Comes with ADC, and even optional NIOS ARM configuration. It also has support for Different types of RAM, PCIE, and Flash memory. It offers up to 50.000 Logic elements. Can do some cool stuff with this thing. Still microcontrollers might be easier though. But it all comes down to the application you need it for I guess.
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  9. I want to do a project about Xilinx FPGA Project. When I try to run my synthesis I get this error "There are no HDL sources in file set 'sources_1'. Please use the Add Sources command." - and under the messages tab i get this error. [filemgmt 20-2001] Source scanning failed (launch error) while processing fileset "sources_1" due to unrecoverable syntax error or design hierarchy issues. Recovering last known analysis of the source files.
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  14. I'm trying to do a project about Papilio One Xilinx Developer Board and get started with FPGAs. I already have FPGA board, I want to connect it to monitor using VGA . coz no VGA port on my board, but there is FMC LPC slots. Can you tell me how did u do the connection from the slots to VGA. if u have documentation or picture plz send them to me Any help will be appreciated.
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