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  6. funny music and other

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  10. David walker

    Is ED curable?

    Of course, it's curable why are you losing you can therefore early. There are numerous treatments for impotence cure. we've got already throughout the article mentioned impotence medications like Fildena 100 and Vidalista 60 that may assist you to possess erections.
  11. bakait muradabadi

    Auriculares cancelación de ruido

    tiene bien auriculares, como hacer la tienda como tus ?
  12. funny music and other

    Auriculares cancelación de ruido

    comprar Auriculares con cancelación de ruido en línea. En KYMovil, puede comprar algunos de los mejores auriculares cancelación ruido baratos de WINGS, NOISE, Boult, JBL, Samsung, CrossBeats y muchas marcas más destacadas. Todos los auriculares Bluetooth están dotados de las últimas tecnologías que satisfacen las necesidades diarias de todos.
  13. funny music and other

    32 x 32 LED panel with animations and video

    Hi... this is best mobile shop, and location in BD.
  14. bzboi's tinkerings

    AVR8 Project Page

    Hi, is CustomAVR8SoftProcessor ( still a valid page? Thanks.
  15. Sbcglobal is one of the trusted domain names that is being used from the past decade, if you want to know more about email server settings then you are at the right place.
  16. Chris Jones

    OLS update failure

    FWIW i've found several different utilities to manage the PIC firmware and the FPGA firmware for these devices. information is scattered about unfortunately. i've compiled a binary in the past using source provided by a github repo, and that can access the `APP` portion the board, which i believe is the FPGA portion, and can dump the contents in either HEX or bin, but have been unable to dump / backup the contents on the winbond chip using such provided utility. however my OBLS provided a means to solder a jumper header for SPI connection that allows me to connect jumper wires, thus i was able to use flashrom in conjunction with a bus pirate i have to dump the current contents of the winbond chip on the OBLS, i did not have to provide any power to the OBLS as the bus pirate can supply 3.3V to power the winbond chip to access its contents. i haven't tried to update or erase the contents of the chip using flashrom with a bus pirate, as i still need to figure out what versions i want to run and i'm still trying to gather all the necessary information for this device. i hope some of this helps.
  17. Gabriel K

    Where's Jack?

    I just bought a Papilio Pro from the Gadget Factory Store Website. I hope my order is fulfilled. ----- November 10 Until now my order was not fulfilled. I will update this thread regarding my purchase. ------ November 12 They shipped my order today! Someone is running the store. It is just a shame Jack has gone away. They could give us an update!
  18. Matt Ownby

    Powering Papilio One via 5V on 'wings'

    It is indeed 5V TTL. I am under the impression that I can just add 300 Ohm series resistors between the 5V outputs and the FPGA inputs (as discussed here: ). Is that not the case? The PROM is very simple: It has 8 address lines, 2 enables lines, and 4 data outputs. So I am planning on adding ten 300 ohm series resistors for the address and enable lines. How does this sound? And yeah, I'd love to check out your project. I'd like to do more FPGA work in 5V TTL environments in the future.
  19. alvieboy

    Powering Papilio One via 5V on 'wings'

    I have done it successfully in the past, but make sure the jumper is indeed removed. Also ensure you use as much 5V and GND wing pins as possible to lower noise and increase current capability. However, I wonder if you are replacing a PROM which used 5V as IO voltage. In this case DO NOT connect it to the wings, since IOs on the FPGA are 3.3V. There are a few solutions to convert those signals, but will depend on the IO standard (TTL or CMOS) that your system uses. If it's a TTL system, then using some 5V-tolerant buffers should do the trick. I have a design which interfaces a 3.3V FPGA to a 5V TTL system, and seems to be working OK, I can send you a link for the project if you are interested. Alvie
  20. Hello, I want to use my Papilio One to prototype replacing an old PROM on an arcade PCB from the early 80's. The PROM gets 5V supplied to one of its pins. I was just looking at the Papilio One schematic in Eagle and it appears that I should be able to connect the 5V from the arcade PCB to one or more of the 5V outlets on the 'wings' as long as I completely remove the "PWR SELECT" jumper so that power is neither coming from the 5V regulator nor the USB port. Does this sound reasonable? (I apparently can't use the PWRIN connector since that seems to require 6V minimum, plus it's more convenient to use the wing anyway if I can)
  21. Asterion Daedalus

    OLS update failure

    I won't be much help, other to report I have repeated the problem with my v1.04 OBLS. Note, I did not place a jumper because the instruction appeared to suggest that was not necessary if both ACT and PWR led were on. However, I got the same errors. My Logic Sniffer ROM loader is v0.3 (November 9, 2010) as opposed to your Logic Sniffer ROM loader v0.4 (December 9, 2010). Cheers, A
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