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    I've tried a couple of fairly simple things to try to eliminate possible reasons for the audio problems. I wired up a 8 bit Ferranti ZN428 (really old chip now, but easy to use) to 4 spare outputs in order to check the datastream without the sigma-delta DAC. The audio was distorted in an identical way. I then added a second Pokey (easy with RTL and a FPGA!) and wrote some simple code to write test values to it, in fact the same ones as listed in the schematics. The tones were generated correctly. In amongst all the noise, there is some hint of correlation with what is happening on the screen. I'm not sure what to try next :-(. I'll post again if I make any progress.
  4. papry

    Hamsterwoks dead??

    Yes it is dead. I posted a tweet and got quite a few replies including one from Mike Field confirming that the website was down. The reason is that he was getting a lot of requests for support with respect to the code on this site and he felt that having put the effort in to help got little thanks in return. You can still access the site via the "wayback machine". I found a python tool to scrape the site from the Wayback site, so I now have a local copy, although the process was far from easy and many pages and links are still missing.
  5. papry

    Galaxian and new Arcade Blaster 1.2 app

    Pleased to find this thread... A few weeks ago, having read another thread in this forum about Atari Centipede, I got the code running on a Papilio Pro with Arcade MageWing. It worked but there were a number of problems which had been pointed out by the person who ported the code, the biggest of which was heavily distorted sound. Since the hardware was by my side, for some reason I was looking in the Papilio One folder on my hard drive and saw a number of arcade downloads, and I decided to have a go at getting Galaxians to work. I setup a new project and made a UCF (all unnecessary as the project file and UCF already existed - doh!) and having found the romgen script, was able to get the code to compile and load. It worked, but the screen was drawn twice. The solution was in this thread, which I implemented and then had good video. I noted that the explosion sound when the ship is hit was missing, and again reading this thread I saw that @alex had not only posted an explaination, but also modified code. So I then tried out his code. It took a little searching to figure out how to create the missing ROM files (which required the updated romgetn script), and I had to remove the PS2 code and replace it with code for the Arcade MegaWing, but this was pretty straightforward. It finally compiled and all appears to be working properly. Many thanks to all involved.
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    A bug thumbs up to @james1095 . Just for a quick thing to do on a Saturday afternoon while listening to the football (UK) on the internet, I downloaded the Github original respository. I was pleased to see Verilog source files, but the organisation wasn't great and documentation was sparse. So I downloaded the ZIP file (above), and made changes to the UCF to implement on a Papilio Pro with Arcade megawing. I had the usual problems of having to re-generate the RAMs and DCM, and even now I get some strange warnings about missing files related to the RAM and DCM blocks, however it does compile, download and work over VGA. It would be nice to get audio working and I will take a look at this in the next week or so. I also found out that one of the buttons causes the game to freeze, and the reset button can't recover from this.
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