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Two axis motion tracking with NTSC television output

  • Wicked is at again! He just can’t stop making progress on his Multi Color Object Tracking system that uses a Papilio One 500k board and a cheap $10 camera from SparkFun.

    After getting two axis motion tracking successfully working by adding two servo cores to his device Wicked added a TV Wing to his design

here is the results of tracking with a live composite video monitor:

The TV Wing used here is based on an existing design that was made by Papilio user Ben and it is posted on the Papilio Wiki under Wing Playground.

Wicked has made some modifications on Ben’s design to bring the DAC up to 8 bit resolution and using 100ohm/200ohm values for R/R2 and he added some VHDL to convert the cameras YUV422 data stream into the separate Y, U and V channels for encoding.

He also designed a wing to wrap everything up, check out the original forum thread here if you want to read the whole thing and take a look at these designs.

Download Source Code
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