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New Game: Pengo on Papilio Pro

  • Papilio user Alex has managed to get the Pengo game running on the Papilio Pro based on the Pacman implementation by Mike Fields.

Original forum thread here

Happy Holidays to all. I had a little bit of free time so I sat down and managed to get Pengo running based on the Pacman implementation by Mike Fields. The video below is a quick demo of the game running on a Papilio Pro (well Plus, but close enough). It uses no additional external RAM or ROM, so any Spartan 6 hardware will do. I'm afraid the sum of all game memories won't fit on a Spartan 3E though.

The Pengo hardware is very close to the Pacman hardware but annoyingly it has just enough differences that you can't just run Pengo on Pacman hardware. The video, sound, input control registers, watchdog, etc are all at different addresses compared to Pacman as well as the fact that the ROM is twice as big as Pacman's and to make matters worse the Pengo ROM is scrambled, so I had to implement an on the fly ROM descrambler based on the MAME source code.

The game runs as is, though there are still a couple of internal connections that remain to be made. Once I tidy up the code a bit I'll upload it somewhere and post here with a link.

Download Source Code
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