ZPUino Test Code for the LogicStart MegaWing

Jack Gassett
  • A ZPUino Sketch to verify all of the LogicStart MegaWing functionality. Alvaro Lopes put together a quick sketch to test out all the major functionality of the Logic Start MegaWing.

  • Switches control LED's
  • A mod file is played out the audio jack
  • An arcade graphic is displayed on the VGA output using the VGAZX video adapter
  • Joystick controls counters on the 7-segment LED
  • Analog is measured and displayed on the 7-segment LED

Known Issues:

  • The Analog input is not working on properly on all channels.
  • This only works on the Papilio One 500K right now, we have not generated a bit file to work on the Papilio One 250K yet.

Quick Test by loading the merged Bit File to the Papilio One 500K

Load the sketch using the ZPUino IDE.

  • Download the latest version of the Papilio Sketches from Github.
  • Unzip and navigate to ZPUino\LogicStart_QuickStart
  • Load the ZPUino Soft Processor LogicStart VGAZX variant to the Papilio
    • Use the Papilio Loader to load bit_files\zpuino-1.0-PapilioOne-S3E500-LogicStart-VGAZX.bit to SPI Flash.

    [*]Make sure the latest version of the ZPUino IDE is installed.

    [*]Open LogicStart_QuickStart.ino with the ZPUino IDE.

    [*]Choose the correct board

    • ZPUino on Papilio One (500) board

  • Choose the correct Serial Port
  • Press the "Upload" icon

For more information about getting started with the ZPUino IDE.

Download Source Code
Source Code Link

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User Feedback

Sorry, I can't download the latest bit file from download page because I get an error of no permission to download this file. Whre's my error?



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